Oprah: How To Make Your Own PsD

Oprah PSD
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I love it! It’s so wonderful. But can you remove the huge sandwich I’m eating and replace it with a hand of cards?

O xxx

Thanks to everyone who set this in!

Rolex: Don’t Do It

Rolex PSD
Chapter 3

Ana slipped on the $48 billion dollar watch and sensed the almost palpable sparkles of the gold and diamond. Without moving, she put her tennis bat behind her head and made a sexy expression at the photographer. She had made it to the top of the game – the game of Kings – and still no one had discovered her secret – that her arms were in fact made of wet noodle. She did her best low-grade-porn expression as the photographer clicked away, totally unaware that she had no bones in her arm and it was all floppy and stuff.

Original is here! Thanks to Lou!