Daily Fail: Blazing Saddles My Ass

You know, I’m just a rather snippy blogger who really doesn’t have a lot of helpful advice for the Photoshoppers of the world, but I’d just like to weigh in here and suggest to Colin Davey and his photo editor that it might be inadvisable to use a comp of sub-Fark quality right next to the original source image. You see, that way you’re kind of rubbing peoples’ noses in it.

Thanks to Richard M! Original (with bonus photo of glowing horse) is here!

Mamma Mia: Neckrophilia

Ode To A Photoshop Artist
Oh Mamma Mia Photoshop artist.
I see you working away at your poster.
You are delighted by the sparkling background.
The background is totally top notch.
Lets hope it distracts people from the hack job on her neck.
Perhaps she had a glandular infection.
Or is in the process of swallowing a whole melon.
You know, the way snakes swallow pigs.
There are many possible explanations.

Thanks to Silva!

Time: It’s Abysmalicious!

Shock and panic swept the Time newsroom today as senior figures conceded that they had lost the war against abysmal Photoshopping. A Senior Creative Director, speaking on condition of anonymity revealed the awful truth: “Time no longer has any grip on the basic fundamentals of media production. We have people’s babysitters producing graphics for us now.”

Others tried to stem the wave of nausea by insisting that the latest photo-illustration work was “deliberately bad.”

“It’s a style,” claimed one designer, “it’s supposed to be outsidery” she insisted as she struggled to hold back the tears.

Thanks to Nathan B! Original is here!