Campari: Buy Her A Drink And She’ll Give You A Little Head

Campari PSD
And heeeere are the top reasons why this happened:
  1. Jessica Alba really is pinhead, usually uses concealer
  2. Had to resize body to hide naked Terry Richardson in background
  3. Photographer using fairground mirror
  4. Image is ‘before’ image for diet plan
  5. Little known side-effect of Campari: microcephaly
  6. Retoucher about to quit anyway
  7. Applied too much Preparation H
  8. Original image featured bizarre decapitated Alba; this was a compromise
  9. Shapeshifting aliens not that good at proportions
  10. Witchdoctor on set mightily pissed off

Thanks to Mari! Original is here!

Apple: Live By The Wet Floor, Die By The Wet Floor

Apple PSD
I don’t think Apple invented the wet floor style, but they have certainly used it a lot. So it was only a matter of time before an album sleeve featuring a wet floor should appear on Apple’s site within another wet floor composition. Result: human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

Thanks to Hannah! Original is here (for now)!

InTouch: Zahara Mystery Child Of Evil

Intouch Germany reveals the truth about “Bennifer” (a cool way of talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.) Gossip magazines never alter the images they show, providing proof that the couple’s youngest child, Zahara, has an evil twin.

I’m sure that some of you think this evil twin theory is ridiculous, and that the child is, in fact, from an evil alternate universe. Unfortunately we can’t prove this either way as she is hiding the evil goatee that she probably has.

Zahara Mystery Child PSD

Thanks to Sara, Siv and others for sending this in!

Reader Captions:

Maybe Brad and Angelina clone their kids to keep the real ones out of the spotlight, and this picture was taken when they’d just picked up the new clone? By R

IPS: Does This Make My Bottom Look Disastrous?

The mission of the image in the context of marketing a medical procedure is usually to imbue confidence and value in the mind of the consumer. In rarer cases, images can be used to convey a dread sense of profound incompetence, a terrible feeling that something is very wrong, and that a long slow descent into a hellish nightmare of pain and regret awaits. Ask your marketing adviser which strategy would work best for you.

Thanks to Ben! Original is here!

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