Shy Guy: Go Away Or I Shall Taunt You Some More

Mafia Parano is the French title of Gun Shy. As with all American products in France it is of paramount importance that entirely Gallic artwork replaces the Anglo Saxon dreck that everyone else gets.

So the French get a stunningly obvious Liam Neeson head transplant that is so obvious they include the original picture on the back cover. Oh, and in the French version Sandra Bullock is a guy.

Singes dans les arbres to Sebastien Lemmens!

Daily Fail: What Is Your Major Malfunction?

The Daily Mail is essentially the UK equivalent of Fox News and Michelle Malkin. It features numerous pieces complaining about immigration, foreigners, Europe, how everything is hopelessly awful, etc.

If it had any good old British blood of steel in its newsprint-veins of justice it would do something about the terrible Photoshopping that is undermining that great nations sense of pride in its media. After all, didn’t Churchill once say (continued on page 97).

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Hastily (and blurrily) fixed version is here.