Blonde & Blonder: It’s A No Art Director

Blonde & Blonder PSD
I usually feel that comedy movies get something of a free pass when it comes to Photoshop. The standard I’d expect from Vogue doesn’t really apply to them.

However, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable when I say that there has to be a certain point where you have to say “This is abysmal. The hopeless inadequacy of your work is insulting to even the stupidest people. Please stop now.”

Thanks to Victor, original is here!

Parle Moi D’Amour: Can You Spot It?

Parle Moi D'Amour PSD

Designeur 1: Zut alors! Ces images de la femme sont useless!

Designeur 2: Hein? Ah, oui, elle est totalment looking dans le wrong direction!

Designeur 1: Qu’est-ce que je can do?

Designeur 2: J’ai un idea. Pourquoi pas flip le image!

Designeur 1: Bien sur! Ne personne will ever know!

Merci a Vincent!

Cosmopolitan: I Wonder What He Was Originally Holding

Cosmopolitan PSD
Hi baby, how you doing? I’m just lying here toasting my buns. Yeah. Alright. Bet you’re wondering why my hand is inexplicably intersecting this miniature copy of Cosmopolitan, aren’t you. Yeah. Bet you’re thinking that someone budgeted about thirty seconds to cranking this comp out aren’t you, yeah, you bad little girl.

Thanks to Natalie! Original is Day 31 of this mess.