Garderoba: Jessica Rabbit!

Garderoba PSD
The one thing that I regret about writing this blog is the sense that I am being impolite by not being able to reply personally to the very large amount of email you morons readers send in. I get around 100-200 tips per day, which means that if I spend an average of thirty seconds checking out each tip and then thirty seconds writing a reply then I would be spending approximately one thousand hours 3 hours, 20 minutes per day answering mail.

As you might imagine, a significant proportion of this email concerns Polish lingerie sites, which as a rule I ignore. However, every rule has lots of exceptions; this one is just too bad to let slip by.

Thanks to Pozdrawiam! Radek! Original is here!

Samsung: 9NnSWVS

Samsung PSD
“OK everyone, let’s make sure we get that reflection right so we don’t end up on that stupid Photoshop Disasters blog!”

Thanks to Brian! Original is here!

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