Mad Men: Mad Scaling

So there’s this show on AMC called Mad Men. It’s great. I haven’t seen it, but I understand that it’s about this ad agency in the 1960s that is entirely staffed by people with growth disorders. All of the stories are about how people of radically different heights – pygmies, amazons, dwarves, giants – can somehow work together. It’s fantastic (probably)!

Thanks to Bobby, Chris, Andy, Jennifer and Sue!

J Crew: Does This Make My Cutout Look Fat?

Fixing up a picture, trimming a little material, making it pretty, are all perfectly acceptable things to do with Photoshop. On the other hand, you might not want to put the original right next to the shopped copy. Kind of self-defeating.

Rollover the first two images here for instant gratification. Thanks to Bradford!

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