Sports Illustrated: OMG Crop Circle Aliens!

So she escapes from Beijing and you think she’s all safe and stuff and the music is all sweet and you’re waiting for the credits to roll but then there’s like another scene and so you think OK fair enough just padding the ending out and stuff but then the music does this kind of off-key thing and argh argh there in the cornfield underneath you goddamn it argh I hate this movie. Argh.

Original is here, thanks to Belinda!

Hakim: Sarah Palin Lovechild Uncovered

Hakim PSD
When the good people at Hakim Optical decided, on that fateful day, to transplant a smiling – albeit female – grin onto the sullen longhaired boy, little did they know that they were creating an image so terrible – so dramatically repugnant to the senses – that soon few would believe they were a real business, rather than some fictitious thread of awfulness and legend.

Thanks to Matt!

Camp Rock: Taking It On The Chin

Camp Rock PSD
Camp Rock [warning: disturbingly comprehensive wikipedia entry], which sounds like a Queen rockumentary, turns out to be another Disney product in the High School Musical mold.

I have no idea what they deleted from her chin or why there seems to be smoke coming from her boyfriend’s crotch. Kids today, eh?

Original is here. Thanks to Anton & Jason!

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