Tata: We Hate Your Retinas

Tata PSD
pho⋅to il⋅lus⋅tra⋅tion
   /ˈfoʊtoʊˌɪləˈstreɪʃən/ [foh-toh il-uh-strey-shuhn]
1. Oh my good Lord that really is hideous. Let’s say it’s photo-illustration.
2. This illustration sucks. Let’s blame it on Photoshop.
3. Don’t look at me I wanted to hire Nadav.

Thanks to Tom! Original is here!

Glamour: Even The Instruments Are Fake

Glamour PSD

The scene: Glamour mag Miley Cyrus shoot

Lovely darling (click) now can you hold your guitar in front of you in a quasi-but-not-quite sexual fashion? (click) And smile! (click) Lovely. (click) And can you make the headstock inexplicably dissolve into your hair? (click) Lovely!

Thanks to fishing4monkeys! Original is here!

Atlanta Social Season: One Step Beyonce

Atlanta Social Season PSD
I know that we are all weary of the lifelong existential struggle between wanting to show more of Beyonce’s cleavage and wanting to avoid an utterly humiliating disaster on your front cover, but it’s refreshing and illuminating to see it brought to light in such disastrous fashion.

Thanks to Terry! Original is here!

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