Daily Fail: Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Daily Fail PSD
We here at the Daily Mail - along with all right-thinking people – are shocked and appalled by the sight of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair retouching their Christmas cards. Why oh why can’t these hypocrites stop their clumsy electronical meddling with pictures? I don’t recall Margaret Thatcher resorting to Photoshop when her teeth actually [continued p94]

Original is here, thanks to Adam!

Campari: Buy Her A Drink And She’ll Give You A Little Head

Campari PSD
And heeeere are the top reasons why this happened:
  1. Jessica Alba really is pinhead, usually uses concealer
  2. Had to resize body to hide naked Terry Richardson in background
  3. Photographer using fairground mirror
  4. Image is ‘before’ image for diet plan
  5. Little known side-effect of Campari: microcephaly
  6. Retoucher about to quit anyway
  7. Applied too much Preparation H
  8. Original image featured bizarre decapitated Alba; this was a compromise
  9. Shapeshifting aliens not that good at proportions
  10. Witchdoctor on set mightily pissed off

Thanks to Mari! Original is here!

Apple: Live By The Wet Floor, Die By The Wet Floor

Apple PSD
I don’t think Apple invented the wet floor style, but they have certainly used it a lot. So it was only a matter of time before an album sleeve featuring a wet floor should appear on Apple’s site within another wet floor composition. Result: human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

Thanks to Hannah! Original is here (for now)!

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