Weird Al Yankovic: Facepalm

Weird Al Yankovic PSD
The weirdest thing about Weird Al Yankovic – here apparently portrayed by a much younger actor – is how you can still see his little hand behind his big hand.

Thanks to Eric! Original is here![warning: Flash tedium]

Audi: Will This Do?

So yeah like we were like doing the Flash for Audi and the old bag who’s ADing this said get like a picture of some cool architecty house next to a winding country road and even though I spent over ten minutes looking for some stock I simply couldn’t find like nothing man, nothing, so I thought hey I can just comp some cool geezer’s house right in to any old pic, right? So I spent literally fifteen minutes comping it in and you know no one’s going to notice cos I don’t think you can really tell. That’s the beauty of Photoshop man. Can I have a bite of your sandwich?

Props to KimZ! Original is here (then Technik then Sicherheit then complain about Flash.)

E!: Baroquey Dokey

E! explores the outer limits of which parts of a model can be moved where (and not in a good way.)

Thanks to Melinda!

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