Weekend: If You Undo Your Belly Button Your Ass Falls Off

Summer Rayne Oakes (warning: stripper name) is that most mundane of species, a stunningly beautiful environmental scientist who helps injured kittens against the the decepticons, or something equally unlikely. Her blog is here.

Because of global warming she frequently has to take off her clothes, as shown here in Austria’s Weekend magazine. Her belly button is currently in Sweden accepting the Nobel prize for narcissism.

Thanks to Anna K!

Revolver: Where Is Your Pain Waiver Now?

You know how it is; you go out to lunch on a Friday with just one thing left to do, and then you get into a tequila slamming competition and you forgot how it would interact with your medication and then there was this girl who thought you were so funny and then you wake up at 4am and your brain says “Ohshitshitshit I didn’t finish that cutout.” 

Original in Revolver magazine, reported by Laura!

Dana Carvey: Avoid Portrait In Attic

Apparently Dana Carvey has a son, also named Dana Carvey. In other news, HBO not that good at doing hair cutouts.

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