Oprah: How To Make Your Own PsD

Oprah PSD
To: replacable_designer_72@oprahmagazine.com
From: oprah@oprahmagazine.com
Subject: slight tweak for cover

I love it! It’s so wonderful. But can you remove the huge sandwich I’m eating and replace it with a hand of cards?

O xxx

Thanks to everyone who set this in!

Rolex: Don’t Do It

Rolex PSD
Chapter 3

Ana slipped on the $48 billion dollar watch and sensed the almost palpable sparkles of the gold and diamond. Without moving, she put her tennis bat behind her head and made a sexy expression at the photographer. She had made it to the top of the game – the game of Kings – and still no one had discovered her secret – that her arms were in fact made of wet noodle. She did her best low-grade-porn expression as the photographer clicked away, totally unaware that she had no bones in her arm and it was all floppy and stuff.

Original is here! Thanks to Lou!

The Deal: Why SO SERIOUS?

No, let’s make him smile even more! You can do that in Photoshop, just make him smilier. Much smilier. You know how William H. Macy is famous for smiling. He’s a smile machine. Don’t look at me like that, just go back to your desk and do it. Do it now.

Props to Ryan! Original is here!

MySpace: Why Try Harder When You’re #0

MySpace PSD
<remark snideness=”10″ subject=”MySpace”>
<snark content=”All the elegance of a diseased yak falling into a polluted swamp while listening to German pop music” />
<reservation thought=”Well it is MySpace” />

Thanks to Fernando!

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