Yahoo: Cars And Reflections Don’t Mix

You know how when you see pictures of people in the 70s or 80s you wonder why they had such awful clothes and haircuts? That’s how people in 2020 are going to see this decade. It’s the decade of inept reflections.

Original here. Thanks to Tephlon!

Reader Captions:

If Microsoft sees this, they’ll probably reduce their offer for Yahoo! by about 90%, as it reflects badly upon them. Ahem.

I thought the previous examples of faking reflections were awful, but this… Are they outsourcing their graphic work to the Fifth Dimension or something? By Anonymous

Zoo: Adolf Hitler Is A Babe And She’s Melting

Gemma Atkinson gets some rough treatment from this tawdry babeblog. It looks like her right hand is a flip of the left, or would have been if the artist hadn’t quietly given up. I have no idea what they were trying to remove, but the unfortunate shadow under her nose suggests a whiff of the third reich.

All in all, probably not the best combination for titillation. Thanks to Mr Price for the tip. Original here [marginally NSFW].

Mr Potatohead: Angelina Jolie Version

Someone at Public (a French trashtacular) decided that Angelina needed waking up. Because, otherwise, you know, she’d look weird.

Merci beaucoup to Lizuka.

Reader Captions:

what do you expect from a magazine
that has a readership with the IQ of a houseplant? by Anonymous

Someone made angelina a sexy mouth too ! Oh, wait… This one is for true ;) by Ste