Washington Post: Unlikely

Aren’t newspapers supposed to not do things like this? (I mean real newspapers, not National Inquirer or the British tabloids.) Isn’t there some sort of oath of journalistical ethics that they have to swear or something?

Original is on page 15 of this huge pdf. Thanks to Robert S!
[Edit: The image is from Getty, not AP. The Washington Post Express actually phoned me up to say there was no Photoshopping on their part.]

Lancome: Ooh You Poor Man

Hmm, for some reason these pictures of craggy tough-guy real-man Clive Owen look a little unfeminine. Could you please run the Donna Summer filter over them a few times? Ta!

Next week: Patrick Stewart for Head and Shoulders.

Thanks to Rebecca J and Matt M. More Lancome-Owen outrage here.

The Sun: Hitherto Unassailable Respect For Women Cast Into Doubt

The Sun is a British tabloid that represents – to the point of parody – the darker side of the human psyche, and has portrayed women in various states of undress for forty years or so.

Which might lead you to expect of them at least some passing familiarity with the female anatomy. Some smattering of understanding of the golden ratios of head, arm and breast. Some inkling that women, even botox-drenched page 3 slappers, have a set of proportions that our art and culture has recognized since the time of da Vinci.

Ha ha, just kidding, the Sun is lame at Photoshop.

Thanks to Aaron L!

KFC: Dig Your Own Grave

In an all-round win for pragmatists worldwide, KFC apparently believes that people who are both on the internet and interested in fried food are unlikely to possess the visual acuity required to realize that a piece of artwork is unfinished. Early reports indicate that the brand’s graphics department simply did not believe anyone would care, least of all themselves.

When asked for his perspective on the matter, KFC’s Senior Art Director replied “what’s perspective?”

Original is here. Thanks to Britney B!

Vizu: She’s Off Her Marbles

Woooo! Cross my palm with silver and gaze into my crystal ball! Mmmmmm!… I can see the past! Ohhhhh! I see a photograph… being taken in front of a white backdrop…. in a studio… I see someone Photoshopping blue sky and little clouds behind me!…. Woooo!

Original is here. Thanks to Matt Nicolaysen!

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