Zoo: Adolf Hitler Is A Babe And She’s Melting

Gemma Atkinson gets some rough treatment from this tawdry babeblog. It looks like her right hand is a flip of the left, or would have been if the artist hadn’t quietly given up. I have no idea what they were trying to remove, but the unfortunate shadow under her nose suggests a whiff of the third reich.

All in all, probably not the best combination for titillation. Thanks to Mr Price for the tip. Original here [marginally NSFW].

Mr Potatohead: Angelina Jolie Version

Someone at Public (a French trashtacular) decided that Angelina needed waking up. Because, otherwise, you know, she’d look weird.

Merci beaucoup to Lizuka.

Reader Captions:

what do you expect from a magazine
that has a readership with the IQ of a houseplant? by Anonymous

Someone made angelina a sexy mouth too ! Oh, wait… This one is for true ;) by Ste

Amazon: Hard To Swallow

  1. Clearly he’s lying on the armrest. Lame.
  2. This blog used to be great but now it sucks.
  3. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with it? 

I love you all, really. Especially Meghan, who sent this one. Original is here.

Reader Captions:

How cool is that!? This chair makes you feel so rested that you can levitate! by Guander
On first sight I thought it was a ad for antidepressants. by Dustbunny’s

Parenting: All The Fun Is In The Top Half

  • What will your baby be like? Will she have any legs?
  • Ten things you can do that don’t need a lower body.
  • Half the child, twice the fun.

    Thanks to Tami. Sorry, no bigger a/w.

    Reader Captions:

    Oooopsi, someone is trying to convince their friends that they got a baby, but infact it is a puppet! by Sandra
    where are the legs when u need them??? im not sure about twice the fun but im sure about twice the trouble… sad sad by Riley