B&H: These Cameras Are Hot!

Lovely comping, at an almost professional level. Now I’m not an expert in the field of marketing, but isn’t it generally considered to be a bad idea to show smoke pouring out of your merchandise?

Props to Phillip! Original is here!

Mystery Meat: Knee To No Basis

Mystery Meat PSD
This is from some in-store campaign possibly in Poland but I’m not so sure that I would put money on it because well you know people sometimes just send me email with no text as if I were psychic or perhaps kept some underemployed detective agency under my desk or maybe they think no one cares about where these things come from but they do and that’s the trouble but thanks all the same Damian hey a clue would be nice just saying oh her leg is totally screwed up in case you hadn’t spotted it already.

Monro: Now Open In Bizarro World

Monro PSD
You have to admire the hubris required for this masterpiece. The reflection is the wrong way round? The laws of physics will obey the dictates of the Monro Muffler Company. Cars don’t really have wing mirrors bigger than your head? We have suspended reason. Pray we do not suspend it any more.

Thanks to Shane!

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