BBW: What Up, Beach?

In Buddhism, a sand mandala is a complex image made with colored sand built by hand, grain by grain. The process can take many days; as soon as the image is complete, it is swept away to give perspective to the profound impermanence of existence.

This image from Bath & Body Works is similar, except that it is made with Photoshop in about thirty seconds, doesn’t look remotely like sand, ignores perspective, and represents the impermanence of employment.

Thanks to Lauren!

Jean Coutu: Still A Bit Too White

  1. Picture of a customer, to show that we actually have customers.
  2. Picture of a customer using a computer (to reassure people that that is the best way to use this website.)
  3. Customer should be female, because men are useless.
  4. Customer should be old.
  5. Not that old.
  6. She should be senior, and be full of life, but wrinkly, but smiling.
  7. Less jowls please. 9% fewer wrinkles.
  8. Her hair is too kempt. Is kempt a word? More unkempt please.
  9. Hey this laptop isn’t even turned on!
  10. Is she left-handed? Is that good?

Original is here. Thanks to Amelie!

Iranian Govt: Persian Pixels Pwned

Not only do Iran’s missile pictures reveal a shocking gap in that nation’s ability to use the clone tool, our patented Extra-Contrast-O-Vision shows how clumsy they are at comping. Presumably the third missile didn’t go off and rather than trying to relight the touchpaper they resorted to Photoshop.

Getty has the original here. Reddit has an interesting discussion on this here. I haven’t checked my mail yet, but thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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