IRS: Now Add The Image From Line 48

Scene: Gigantic meeting room at IRS headquarters. Sixty IRS directors and managers sit at a long table.

Secretary to the Treasury: Ladies, gentlemen, we all know why we’re here. I’m afraid this is going to be a long, difficult meeting. We’re going to art direct a photograph on our website.

Thanks to Lynn T! Original here.

New York Chicken Wings

Customer: What flavor is it?
Man: It’s a bird mate, it’s a bloody bird, it’s not any bloody flavor. Albatross!
Customer: It’s got to be some flavor, I mean everything’s got a flavor.
Man: All right, it’s bloody albatross flavor, it’s bloody sea bloody bird bloody flavor. Albatross!
Customer: Do you get wafers with it?
Man: Course you don’t get bloody wafers with it, it’s a bloody albatross innit. Albatross!

Merci beaucoup a Mark Copyranter!

Felix Dennis: Possible Stray Layer

I kind of imagine the stream of consciousness to be like this: “Ooh I just have to do this back cover for Mr Dennis’s book, it’s about money, I know I’ll use this stack of beer vouchers, oh it would be better if it was higher, ah if only the technology existed for me to take a picture of a taller stack of coins, oh well I’ll just dupe it but ooh I don’t want it to look like an obvious clone I know I’ll flip it no one will ever know.”

Funny, seeing as you might expect art directors to be falling over each other to design Felix Dennis‘ book. If you’re unfamiliar with British coinage, pound coins have Harry Potter spells printed around the edge.

Taras ftw!