Cosmopolitan: I Wonder What He Was Originally Holding

Cosmopolitan PSD
Hi baby, how you doing? I’m just lying here toasting my buns. Yeah. Alright. Bet you’re wondering why my hand is inexplicably intersecting this miniature copy of Cosmopolitan, aren’t you. Yeah. Bet you’re thinking that someone budgeted about thirty seconds to cranking this comp out aren’t you, yeah, you bad little girl.

Thanks to Natalie! Original is Day 31 of this mess.

90210: Ouch

Don’t the producers of 90210 know that by flubbing at Photoshop they’re putting at risk the hard-won sense of gritty realism that makes their inner-city drama so compelling?

Thanks to everyone who has sent this in!


Advocate PSD
If you don’t like pictures of naked men you’ll be repulsed, whereas if you like pictures of naked men you’ll be repulsed.

Original is here. Thanks to anonymous!

Edit: Investment funds it is.

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