The Accidental Husband (part 1)

Suspension of disbelief is the willingness of an audience to invest emotional resources in a story that they know to be false. The main belief to be suspended here is that the designers cared about their work.

  1. It would help if you actually looked at the person you were half-heartedly pretending to catch.
  2. Monty Python feet.
  3. That’s a remarkably serene expression, Mr Head Paste.
  4. Chrysler building has inexplicably moved to Chelsea. It doesn’t even line up with the street grid.
  5. We’ll let this one go, as it is entirely possible that Colin Firth really does have giant hands.
  6. The.
  7. Worst.
  8. Cutout.
  9. Ever.

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in, and yes, I know the other poster is even worse. Stay tuned. Full size here.

Scrubs: We Feel Your Pain

Touchstone Pictures is a major unit of The Walt Disney Company, the
third largest media organization in the world with revenues exceeding
$60 billion.

Evidently very little of that filters down
to the Art department, who seem to have assembled this cover largely
using the lasso and gradient tools. Do you think those doors would
actually meet when they close?

Thanks to Colleen and everyone else who sent this in. Bigger source image is here.

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