Let’s Be Cruel To: Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind has a theme of cheap-and-cheerful pastiches of existing iconic movies, hence the grade-school-style painted background. What’s unfortunate is the middle-school-style perspective distorts and remedial head transplants in the photomontage in the foreground.

It’s neither bad-enough-to-look-deliberate, nor good-enough-to-not-appear-on-photoshopdisasters. Bigger version here.

Edit: Belated thanks to Señorita Puri, mea culpa!

Good Luck Chuck: Jessica Alba Is Constipated

Good Luck Chuck PSD
Aside from the inappropriate appropriation of the John Lennon/Yoko Ono pose, this Good Luck Chuck poster is one of those beautiful images that reminds you that not everything can be solved by pasting heads on bodies.

If you can’t see the awfulness, ask yourself if Jessica Alba looks as though she is even in the same room as Dane Cook.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in; bigger version is here.