Daily Fail: Do They Not Have A Crop Tool?

To: Artroom
From: jfryer@dailyfail.co.uk
Subject: Please comp me into this picture LOL!
Can you make it look as though I actually left the office to write this story LOL! ? Please make sure it doesn’t look like it is a comp, no telltale clues or anything LOL! Thanks a million! LOL!

Thanks to Papple, original here.

Ford: Putting Composition Last

Hi! I’m AD at whatever advertising agency Ford has in Ireland. I used to think composition and perspective didn’t matter. You kids might think it’s cool, but it isn’t! You can’t just smush images together, or you’ll end up like me, appearing on photoshopdisasters. Is that cool? Stay straight kids, don’t end up like me.

Thanks to Nersh.