Etsy: Boba Fett Leggings

Even though these Boba Fett “Suit Up” leggings are geeky-cool, I’m not sure I care for those sharp, jutting calves.

celbowsI thought this was an optical illusion at first, but look closely. The gray outline does indeed follow the shape of Boba’s elbow, rather than the natural curve of her calf.  Still cool leggings, though.

Found here. Thanks for sending this in, Marnie!


Miss Universe Slovak Republic: Serious Side Eye Material

This is Katarína Bezecná, a contestant in the Miss Universe Slovak Republic pageant. Pretty girl, but this image…? The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets.


Even the look on her face is a little like:

Side eye Chloe


It’s not quite as obvious as last year’s Miss Czech Republic fail, but it’s still pretty bad. Thanks for sending this in, Lukas! You can see all of the images on their Facebook page.

Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in Photoshop and pop culture this week.


  • Uh oh… unretouched photos of Beyonce have leaked online. [Defamer]
  • Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop with 60 seconds of artistry. [The Verge]
  • This is what Adobe Photoshop looked like 25 years ago. [Venture Beat]


  • The 20 Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters Ever Captured On Camera. [Web Humor]
  • David Lopera makes celebrities plus-sized with Photoshop. [Bustle]
  • Through the Magic of Photoshop: Biden Bidening. [The Washington Post]
  • You had me at “Roman soldier waving an animated fiery sword.” [Clients From Hell]

We’ll be back on Monday with more disasters. In the meantime, don’t forget to join us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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