Unhand That Big Check

Now that they’re millionaires, maybe he can have something done about that hand.


Either his left arm is a mile long, or that hand is upside down.

Thanks, Matt!  This image was found in an advertising mailer.

Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in pop culture and Photoshop news this week.


  • Colbie Caillait rallies against Photoshop in her new music video for ‘Try’. [HuffPost Entertainment]
  • A grieving father asked Reddit to Photoshop his baby daughter who had just died, and the response was overwhelming and beautiful.  [BuzzFeed]
  • Very cool optical illusion tattoos.  [Smosh]


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Quiz: iStyles Creepy Hand

iStyles: For all of your topless computing needs.


Okay, so what is UP with that hand?  Vote below!

Is this a PS Disaster?

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Thanks, Aubrey!  This image was found here.

Wonder Cruises: Run For Your Lives

Ack!  It’s a massive ocean liner floating on a ghostly haze!  Run, run, you fools!


These guys should get together with the Holland America team.  Between the two of them, they might get the ship-to-land proportions right.  Maybe.

Thanks, Lars!  Here is the original image.

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