Photoshop Fail: Hair-Raising Swaps

We’re no strangers to swapping out a hairstyle to see how it would look on a different face, but this French magazine took it to a whole ‘nother level.  Too bad they didn’t try just a little bit harder to make it look… I don’t know?  Good?

Here’s Leighton Meester and her co-joined twin, Beyoncé:




Katie Holmes modeling Blake Lively’s golden locks:


Selena Gomez borrowing Jessica Chastain’s ‘do:


And my personal favorite, Sienna Miller with Rihanna’s hair:



Great job, folks.  No, really.  Awesome work. </sarcasm>

All photos courtesy of Public.  Thanks for sending us this link, Xavier!

Photoshop Fail: Hair-Don’t

It’s amazing what a good haircut can do for your looks.  Then again, a bad haircut can turn you into a total freak, if you’re not careful.  Just ask the lovely Susan:


This is the “artist’s rendition” of what she’d look like with a spunky new ‘do:susan-short


These images appeared in the February 28, 2013 edition of Asheville’s Citizen-Times in a column called “Considering a short do, men tell me: Do not.”  We’ve got to weigh in with the men here, Susan — if short hair makes you look like this second picture, don’t do it!

Photoshop Challenge: Jennifer, Sandra, and Oscar

This week we asked you to take a few photos of the lovely and talented Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards, and make those photos better.  As usual, we were not disappointed!  Here are our favorite Photoshop Challenge creations made by your fellow PsD readers.

“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”

Ben Norwood

Created by Ben Norwood.

Not a fan of the First Lady’s new bangs, I guess.

Cranky Catholic

Created by Cranky Catholic.

Looks like that scene in Bridesmaids!

Danny Joiner

Created by Danny Joiner

Epic face swap!

Jeremy Kerr

Created by Jeremy Kerr

Angel, warrior, bat-slayer?

Jurgen Lamminger

Created by Jürgen Lamminger

Cat fight!


Created by Lynn W.

She’s a Disney Princess?

Rafael Reyes

Created by Rafael Reyes

That’s not very lady-like, Jen.


Created by Sarah Guess.

Great work, everyone!!  Thanks for participating in this fun Photoshop Challenge!

Photoshop Fail Challenge: Jennifer And Oscar

Last night’s Academy Awards show gave us many memorable images and moments, but perhaps none of those images were begging to be Photoshopped quite as much as this one:


And this one:


How cute is Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence?  We just love her, and it seems like she can definitely take a joke, so let’s have some fun and put her in some funny scenarios.  Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it: Take one or both of these images of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars and make it BETTER.  Who is she flipping off?  You decide!

Extra credit if you can work Sandra Bullock’s funny envelope-opening face into your work!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Get creative and have fun!  You don’t have to be great at Photoshop to participate; in fact, make it quick and sloppy, if you want!  As long as it’s funny, we will love it.  Send your creations to by Friday, 3/1/2013.  We will select the best of the worst fails to appear on PS Disasters on Friday.  Have fun!

Photoshop Fail: My head Is A Lobster

Your argument is invalid!



I have no idea what is going on here, and I don’t think it’s because I don’t speak German.  I haven’t seen anything this weird since that crazy Phish show back in ’96.

Thanks for sending this in, Cara!  You can see the original here.

Photoshop Fail: Not Even Close

There is just nothing quite as relaxing as lounging on a wall, breathing in the sea air, feeling the sun on your face, and enjoying the feeling of your rear end pressing a curve into cement.



All kidding aside, who was she trying to fool with this mess?  I’m not even going to go into the chest issue and what it’s doing to the opposite shore line, but don’t think I didn’t notice it.

Via The Chive.  Thanks for the link, Ian.

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