Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

This week on PsDisasters, we collectively wondered what had become of Gwyneth Paltrow’s face on the cover of Glamour magazine, we were reminded that kids with three arms need love too, we featured a real-life Ken doll wearing some sort of ridiculous banana hammock, and 73% of our readers thought that someone had amputated poor Kylie Minogue’s foot on the cover of UK Elle.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also issued a James Bond SkyFAIL Photoshop Challenge that completely blew us away, proving that PsD has the coolest, most creative readers on the web.  Then again, we might be a tad bit biased.

  • Is this Anne Hathaway, or a combination of  assorted Anne-like parts?  [The Gloss]
  • The 27 Most Perfectly Timed Images of 2012. [BuzzFeed]
  • 21 Embarrassing Photoshop Disasters [Pleated-Jeans]

  • The internet reacts to Romney shaking hands with Obama in the White House. [BuzzFeed]
  • Why did Sports Illustrated randomly change the color of Baylor’s jerseys?  [USA Today]

  • The Kardashian family Christmas cards will be even more Photoshopped than usual this year.  [iVillage]
  • Speaking of our Challenge… 10 Hilarious James Bond Skyfall Photoshops went viral on BuzzFeed this week.  [BuzzFeed]
  • 24 Hilarious Obama Photoshops [Smosh]
  • “I spent weeks writing dozens of online descriptions for a client’s motel chain. These were all instantly approved with enthusiasm, except for the 73rd.” [Clients From Hell]

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you back here on Monday with more disasters. Don’t forget to join us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for daily entertainment. Our next Photoshop Challenge will begin the week of December 17th!

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