Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

This week, we wondered what was going on with this strange spinach-holding sauna-dweller, we mourned the loss of this model’s derrière, and we worried over the safety of this baby.  Don’t worry, we’re sure he’s fine.  Mostly.

Here’s what else has been going on in Photoshop news lately.

  • How To Tell If Images Were Photoshopped.  Thanks, Jurgen. [Consumerist]
  • Need a laugh?  Check out 19 Panorama Shots Gone Horribly Wrong. [BuzzFeed]
  • What do you mean, “Small, Medium, and Large” aren’t helpful terms when requesting sizes for banner ads? [Clients From Hell]


  • Dove’s Clever ‘Beautify’ Photoshop Action Un-Airbrushes Images of Models. Thanks, Remy.  [Mashable]
  • Woman Has Her Ex-Daughter-In-Law Edited Out of Family Photo.  (We think they did a really good job.)   [Huffington Post]


  • What happens when the internet gets a photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt working out?  [BuzzFeed]
  • Answer: The same thing that happens when they get a picture of Barack Obama wielding a lightsaber. [BuzzFeed]


  • Speaking of lightsabers… 23 Miraculous Pop Culture Last Suppers. [Smosh]
  • A reporter wants to know how she would look with short hair, so a PS “artist” showed her.  The results are terrifying, but hilarious. [PSD Fails]

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