Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

This week, the buzz all around the internet was about how strange (and thin) Melissa McCarthy looked on the poster for her new movie.  That’s kind of funny, because we thought the naked eyeglasses model or the armless J. Crew kid would get more traction than a little Hollywood slenderizing — haven’t we all come to just expect that from them, these days?

Anywho.  Here’s what else has been happening in Photoshop news.


  • First we removed their teeth, then their noses; now “face-folding” is the newest way to give movie stars a complex.  [Smosh]
  • That Beyonce’ sketch Roberto Cavalli did was downright bizarre.  [BuzzFeed]


  • What Photoshop would look like if it was applied to real life. [HuffPost Lifestyle UK]
  • In case you wondered what Christie Brinkley thought (and hey, who didn’t?) about over-Photoshopping Melissa McCarthy, she thought it was “unnecessary.”  [Newsmax]


  • Sometimes celebs, like Paris Hilton here, become unrecognizable when there’s too much PS involved.  Photo gallery.  [Daily Life]
  • This designer got fired because his client wanted the site url to be in all-caps, which isn’t possible.  What’s the weirdest/worst reason you’ve ever lost a client or job contract?    [Clients From Hell]

Enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you back here on Monday with more disasters.  Be sure to join us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for daily fun and entertainment.

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