Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what has been happening in Photoshop and pop culture news this week.


  • Magazine denies giving Prince George a Photoshop makeover. [Today]
  • 10 Hilarious Game of Throne Spoofs [Web Humor]


  • This guy made the mistake of asking a Photoshop community to remove a cart from behind his shoulder.  Naturally, they took things a little bit further than that.  [BuzzFeed]
  • The Truth In Advertising Act seeks to rein in excessive Photoshop use in ads. [PetaPixel]


  • The most intense weight-lifting faces ever.  (Most of these would make hilarious Photoshop creations.  Just sayin’.)  [Smosh]
  • What do you mean you can’t read my mind??  [Clients From Hell]

Have a great weekend!  We’ll see you back here on Monday with more disasters. Be sure to join us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for daily fun and entertainment.

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  • Andulamb

    Regarding the Prince George flap… So people want their magazines to look like shit now? Cameras rarely capture images perfectly. Especially when photos are taken out in the real world and not in a studio, where conditions can be perfectly controlled.

    So, you get a photo of Prince George and he has an overall bluish cast. Is that really how he looks? Of course not. So you adjust the color balance. And no, the results may not be completely accurate, because you don’t have him sitting right next to you for comparison. But you do your best. You want the photo to show normal skin tones, not bluish skin tones.

    And your thanks for this is that people bitch that you’ve Photoshopped a baby? Why do so many people insist on bitching about things they don’t understand?

    • MaryMitch

      calm down…