Photoshop Challenge: Clint and the Empty Chair

This week, we issued a Photoshop Challenge to our readers, and we had a tremendous response!  We asked you to use your awesome PS skills to put someone (or something) into the empty chair that actor Clint Eastwood spoke to during his speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention.  Here are some of our favorite creations:

Mr. Bean!

Credit: Stuart Crawford

“Looks like you’re making a speech.  Need some help?” 

Credit: J. Holzmer

Monica Lewinski is up (or down) to her old tricks again:

Credit: Alexander Möhle

Old Clint advises Young Clint:

Credit: Benjamin Meader

“What do you think, Elvis?”

Credit: J. Rose

Credit: Annika Wagner

The neglected teleprompter:

Credit: B Blogger


Credit: Chris Monsell

Mckayla Maroney is STILL not impressed:

Credit: Fabrizio

It’s not easy being Green (party):

Credit: Franz Herrmann

Mystery solved:

Credit: Ivan Gregg

“Hey, it’s Elmo!  Everybody likes Elmo.  Right, guys?  Guys?” 

Credit: Jeremy Kerr


Credit: John Conway

Mr. Snuffleupagus seems to have shrunk:

Credit: Justin Loomis

“Well, is it?” 

Credit: Laurent Robin aka Krakaos

Credit: Rob Moss

 Long live the Photobombing Squirrel

Credit: Stef

Credit: Stefan

Run, Forest, run!

Credit: Strickwerker

Credit: Tom Woosley

What’s so funny?

Credit: Laurent Robin aka Krakaos

Credit: Valar Morghulis

Can’t resist adding one more of Mr. Bean:

Credit: Stuart Crawford

We’ll wrap this up with the “Any Which Way But Loose” fans:

Credit: Jerry Pennington

Credit: Jim Houghtaling

Credit: Robert Gage-Smith

 Extra credit goes to Jürgen for incorporating the Bean-Eating Grandma!

Credit: Credit: Jürgen Lamminger

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Challenge and made it so much fun!  Great work!

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