Photoshop Challenge: Kimye Westashian

This week we asked our readers to take some photos of expecting parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and make the images better.  While we didn’t have quite the great response with this challenge that we have had with previous challenges (who could top SkyFail and Breaking Dawn?), we still got a handful of very funny submissions.  Here are our favorites.

Jon Schear


Created by Jon Schear



Created by Danny Joiner



Created by Ewa Klupczewska


Created by Brian

Jürgen Lamminger

Created by Jürgen Lamminger



Created by Killer Roses

Jürgen Lamminger2

Created by Jürgen Lamminger


Created by Zack

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun challenge!  If you have ideas for our February Photoshop Challenge, send them to!


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  • Abdul Kadeer High-Definition

    LOL @ sympathy weight!! damn they lookkk uuugggllyyy