Photoshop Challenge: Jennifer, Sandra, and Oscar

This week we asked you to take a few photos of the lovely and talented Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards, and make those photos better.  As usual, we were not disappointed!  Here are our favorite Photoshop Challenge creations made by your fellow PsD readers.

“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”

Ben Norwood

Created by Ben Norwood.

Not a fan of the First Lady’s new bangs, I guess.

Cranky Catholic

Created by Cranky Catholic.

Looks like that scene in Bridesmaids!

Danny Joiner

Created by Danny Joiner

Epic face swap!

Jeremy Kerr

Created by Jeremy Kerr

Angel, warrior, bat-slayer?

Jurgen Lamminger

Created by Jürgen Lamminger

Cat fight!


Created by Lynn W.

She’s a Disney Princess?

Rafael Reyes

Created by Rafael Reyes

That’s not very lady-like, Jen.


Created by Sarah Guess.

Great work, everyone!!  Thanks for participating in this fun Photoshop Challenge!

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