Photoshop Challenge: Twilight Breaking Dawn

For this month’s Photoshop Challenge, we asked you to take this image of the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, and make it BETTER:

We had a tremendous response and got some of the funniest parody movie covers ever!  Our favorites are below.

Created by Linda Raphael

Created by Jürgen Lamminger

Created by Simon Engelund

Created by Marty R. Wagnarian

Created by Laurent Robin

Created by Jenny Robertson

Created by Franziska Lewandowski

Created by Matthew Bowles

Created by Alan Szymula

 Created by Anine Heitun

Created by Ola Dzi

Created by Miguel Angel Lp

Created by Herman Sunarya

Created by Javier Pauner

Created by Laurent Robin

Created by Pawel Iwanicki

Created by Thomas Connell

Created by Nicolas Droessel

Created by Tomasz Urbaniak

Created by Rees

Created by Jens Devolder

Created by Darren Wall

Created by Fynn Eckstein

Created by Lee Millard

Created by Paulo Sampaio

Created by Robert Hurley

Created by Laurent Robin

Great job, everyone!  Thanks for playing.  Which one is your favorite?

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  • Guest

    My favorite is te “Breaking Toilet” by Miguel Angel Lp

  • Casmir

    My favorite is te “Breaking Toilet” by Miguel Angel Lp

    • Bev

      That one cracks me up too. I like how Miguel made Edward’s eyes — so funny!

  • Guest!!

    Someone should have made a breaking bad one with them in a meth lab or something

  • Tomate Diseño

    Ach c’mon they’re a bit old for Jimmy are they no?

  • Kookoo

    They are all good, but Breaking Toilet is EPIC. Jumanji is very good too.

  • Jay

    Yeah, Miguel’s was one of the best. Good job Miguel!!

  • JStass

    I’m surprised none of them featured the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.