Photoshop Disasters: 20 Best Reader Captions

Last Friday we asked members of our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to give us their funniest captions for this image.  As usual, we were not disappointed!  Here are 20 of our favorite reader-submitted captions.

Here’s the image:


20.  “Get off my lawn!”  ~Danny Kvalheim

19.  “Give up the cheese & no one gets hurt…”  ~Theresa Matthews

18.  “You want mice with that?” ~Julian Bridle

17. “Here mousy mousy mousy. come out and play, I got a present for you!” ~ Jordan Gill

16. “Tom wins this round.” ~Stripes the Tiger

15. “Go ahead, make my day.”  ~Chris Markopolos

14.  “Jerry has escaped death by guns before. Tom needs a rocket launcher.” ~Zilla Meatball

13. “Come on out, it’s safe, I don’t have opposable thumbs.” ~Henry Instadesign Roberts

12. “Well, feeling lucky Punk?” ~ Lee Engdahl

11.”You shall not pass!” ~Helen Rose

10. “Shhh.  Be vewwy qwiet.  I’m hunting wodent.” ~Garritt VS

9. Loopers are well paid, they lead a good life…” ~Josh Campbell

8. “No more ‘Mr Mice Guy,’ buddy!” ~Robert Gage-Smith

7. “The live action Tom and Jerry movie ended up startlingly realistic.” ~Jim Lafferty

6. “NRA : Notorious Rat Assassin!!” ~Vijay Gandhinagar

5. “This time…it’s purr-sonal” ~Ranthild Salzer

4. “I’m getting too damn old to chase those idiots around the house all day.” ~Richard Kownacki

3. “I heard it was easy to get a license for a gun in the USA, but this is ridiculous.” ~Herouth Maoz

2. “No country for old mice.” ~Patrick Lefebvre

1.  “Weapons of Mouse Destruction.”  ~ Simon Rooke

Great job, everyone!  Thanks for playing.  :)

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