Photoshop Fail Challenge: “Biden Our Time”

Once again, you, our readers, have outdone yourselves!  Earlier this week, we asked you to work your Photoshop magic with this image of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his Super Soaker:

And you made us laugh… HARD.  Here are our favorites.


Aw, it’s nice that they let him pretend.

Contributed by Robert Gage-Smith

One small step for man….

Contributed by Jörg Bewernick

Biden Troopers

Contributed by Dave Robins

Flame-thrower, balloon tank, and special guest star, Hear-No-Evil-Ashton!

Contributed by Daniel Popp

An historical photograph

Contributed by Stephane Torzynski

It seems Biden has a message for African dictator, Robert Mugabe

Contributed by Bruce Smyth

Epic battle!

Contributed by Jürgen Lamminger

Consider yourself Terminated.

Contributed by Alec Mccommon

Attack of the Clone Wars

Contributed by Sebastian Monroy

Joe is such a jerk.  Stop it, Joe!

Contributed by Jens Devolder

Heads up, Mitt!

Contributed by Michael Alden


Contributed by Jens Devolder

Once again, GREAT JOB, everyone!  Thank you to those who participated in our second Photoshop Fail Challenge.  We hope you had as much fun creating these images as we had admiring them.  Keep an eye on our social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) for more challenges in the near future.  Have a great weekend!

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  • Stef

    I’m glad to be in the selection ! Thx !

    • Bev

      Thank you for submitting your image, Stef! We loved it.