Photoshop Fail Challenge: “Hear-No-Evil Ashton”

This week we issued our first-ever PsD Photoshop Fail Challenge, and you guys really blew us away with your humor and fabulous Photoshop skills!  Thank you to everyone who sent us their creations.

We received so many funny pictures, it was hard to choose our favorites.  Here are the twenty-five Ashton Kutcher mash-ups that made us laugh the hardest.

The original photo:

We asked our readers to place Ashton Kutcher in as many weird, funny, or crazy locations/situations as possible.  Here’s what you came up with:

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Contributed by: Paweł Ć.

Rain Man

Contributed by: Allan R.

Atomic Ashton

Contributed by: Stephane T.

Ashton In Wonderland

Contributed by: Nicoleta

Wedding-Crashing Ashton

Contributed by: Robert G.

Ashton and the ghost of his last relationship

Contributed by: Ken J.

Ashton — not a fan of Lady Gaga

Contributed by: Jason F.

Or Rebecca Black

Contributed by Bronwyn K.

Nails-on-a-chalkboard Ashton

Contributed by: Clive E.

With Justin Bieber (we have the same reaction, Ashton!)

Contributed by: Hatem Z.

Listening to a tirade by Fred Phelps

Contributed by: Bruce S.

Ashton doesn’t care for Miley singing in the fruit market

Contributed by: Amanda M.

Getting some “friendly” advice from Bruce Willis

Contributed by Ugur B.

Ashton trapped in Munch’s The Scream

Contributed by Todd B.

Another take on that theme:

Contributed by Griffen

Never try to kiss Ashton OR Will Smith on the lips!

Contributed by Mic

(If you don’t understand that one, here is the back story)

At the One Direction Concert

Contributed by Burrito Idol

Not a fan of “Fridays?”

Contributed by Misael N.

Ashton gets political

Contributed by Todd B.

The often-overlooked Avenger

Contributed by: Griffen B.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… who’s the douchiest of them all?

Contributed by Todd B.

Worst. Jam Session. EVER.

Contributed by Jim H.

And one more Rebecca Black, just for good measure

Contributed by Affan

One more “Hear-no-evil” pic:

Contributed by Ed T.

Finally, we’re not sure what’s going on in this one, but we like it!

Contributed by Hatem Z.

The response to this challenge was outstanding — please give yourselves and your fellow Photoshop Disaster gurus a big round of applause!  We hope you all had as much fun participating in (and viewing the results of) this challenge as we did.  We hope to do this kind of thing regularly, so please keep an eye out on our social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) for a new challenge every week.

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  • TJ Wright

    What? None with Charlie Sheen?

  • Affan Khan

    Yes! My picture on 😀

  • Bev

    Haha, that would have been good, TJ!  Maybe next time.  :) 

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