Photoshop Fail Challenge: Jennifer And Oscar

Last night’s Academy Awards show gave us many memorable images and moments, but perhaps none of those images were begging to be Photoshopped quite as much as this one:


And this one:


How cute is Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence?  We just love her, and it seems like she can definitely take a joke, so let’s have some fun and put her in some funny scenarios.  Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it: Take one or both of these images of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars and make it BETTER.  Who is she flipping off?  You decide!

Extra credit if you can work Sandra Bullock’s funny envelope-opening face into your work!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Get creative and have fun!  You don’t have to be great at Photoshop to participate; in fact, make it quick and sloppy, if you want!  As long as it’s funny, we will love it.  Send your creations to by Friday, 3/1/2013.  We will select the best of the worst fails to appear on PS Disasters on Friday.  Have fun!

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