Photoshop Fail: Do You Even Lift?

Hello, ladies.  Do not be afraid.  That sizzling sound is merely a result of the pavement behind me melting and warping from the proximity of my very hot body.  It is totally normal.  I’m so used to it, I don’t even hear it anymore.

hot-dudeThanks, Sandrine!


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  • Sow Ay

    Ohoh, waves on the road !

  • Brandon Jackson

    no no no, its legit. His arms are so buff they bend reality around them.

  • kaneda

    i saw roads and buildings like these, on apple maps. it’s legit.

  • MrRocking

    No-one had explained the value of layers to Juan in in his beginners Photoshop Class… but they would.

  • Ivan the russian

    Ha! There are russians cars behind! So, this is not a photoshop – just ugly russian roads..