Photoshop Fail: Hair-Raising Swaps

We’re no strangers to swapping out a hairstyle to see how it would look on a different face, but this French magazine took it to a whole ‘nother level.  Too bad they didn’t try just a little bit harder to make it look… I don’t know?  Good?

Here’s Leighton Meester and her co-joined twin, Beyoncé:




Katie Holmes modeling Blake Lively’s golden locks:


Selena Gomez borrowing Jessica Chastain’s ‘do:


And my personal favorite, Sienna Miller with Rihanna’s hair:



Great job, folks.  No, really.  Awesome work. </sarcasm>

All photos courtesy of Public.  Thanks for sending us this link, Xavier!

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  • Cilla

    That’s just… wrong!! X(