Photoshop Fail: Not Even Close

There is just nothing quite as relaxing as lounging on a wall, breathing in the sea air, feeling the sun on your face, and enjoying the feeling of your rear end pressing a curve into cement.



All kidding aside, who was she trying to fool with this mess?  I’m not even going to go into the chest issue and what it’s doing to the opposite shore line, but don’t think I didn’t notice it.

Via The Chive.  Thanks for the link, Ian.

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  • Sarah Wendt

    lol this is bad

  • Elise

    Sometimes I get the feeling that if there is no psd fail to be found, someone creates them. I mean… this looks like done terrible on purpose!

  • Saskia van Meel

    I wonder if she is proud of the result? Her butt is so heavvy it dented the ledge…?! 😛 Not to speak of the rest bwhahahha

  • Oisin Conolly

    looks totally legit…

  • adf

    I wonder if “she” was trying to fool anyone at all. This smells like there was an ex-boyfriend involved.

  • Danny Kvalheim

    Tidal wave and TempurPedic concrete! Looks awesome to me.

  • frodo

    oh please…Obviously this was meant to be a joke… I’d hardly call it a fail. It’s hilarious actually.