Photoshop Fail: Painting With MS Paint Again?

Instead of painting this room, she might want to consult a carpenter.  Something about that construction seems off.



As far as Fails go, this one is a little more subtle than most.  Still… not good.

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  • Luke Daley

    Door inside the wrong part of the door frame ??

  • Monica

    the door frame is a bit curved?

  • andib311

    Her waist is a little thin compared to how far her right shoulder sticks out..?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      I agree. She looks like an Anime girl.

  • Flavio Freitas

    I’d say the door is over exposed, so we loose detail. But her arm seems a little bent.

  • Jessica Guess

    check out her arm….the one holding the roller. unless she was born with an unusual curve to her forearm, that’s where the ‘shop lies… 😉

  • A

    Arm bent due to inappropriate breast surgery :)
    (waist has suffered a little bit too much too)

  • Shawn

    I’m not seeing a fail here. Curved door frames are probably due to barrel distortion on the camera using a very wide angle lens. At first I thought that the door behind her (far left) was a closet in which case the hinges would be on the wrong side, but it could just as easily be another room. The triangle formed by her right arm and waist might be missing some detail but that could also just be the lighting. Is it her left wrist and the “construction” title is just a red herring?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      I see warping on the door behind her, a bent left forearm, a little trimming around the waist, and quite possibly a bit of a breast enhancement.

  • Evan Shearin

    Look at how far they distorted her waist. That doesn’t look natural.

  • Skeptic

    The part under her right breast (left from our point of view) seems odd. If that’s not a PSD then something like an egg is stuck under her shirt. And her arm is bent. One door seems to be taller than the other but that could be a matter of angle.

  • JC

    Either her arm is not from that body or her hand. Look at the bend and just below her hand the color changes…

  • guajaja

    left arm, and the back / shirt lol

  • Tamar27

    I don’t know about anyone else but my forearm doesn’t go all bendy when I’m holding a paint roller.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Right? That looks painful!

  • Alchemical

    To me, it looks as if the top and bottom half don’t belong to the same girl.

  • Kerry-Ann Gardner

    Where her top bunches under her closest boob shows how crazy they have gone with the liquify on her waist!