Quiz: Did ‘Fashion’ Magazine Give Lorde A New Nose?

For the second time this month, teen superstar Lorde has taken to Twitter to complain that she has been Photoshopped.  This time, she claimed that the Canadian magazine Fashion gave her a “new nose.”  Here is the cover in question:


And here’s a still from her “Royals” video, for comparison:


What do you think?  Vote below!

Did Fashion Magazine give Lorde a new nose?

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  • enochrox

    eh… its subtle. not a full on psd

  • Jonathan Deitch

    Angle and lighting are different which are enough to change the look.

  • http://www.allieseverydayadventures.blogspot.com/ Allie

    I’m more concerned about what’s going on with her hands on that cover.

  • Andulamb

    Her head is tilted down for the magazine cover. And of course the lighting is different. Some people just don’t get that there’s a lot you can do with just a camera, without involving Photoshop.

    • C.

      Could also the makeup artist did her makeup to make her nose appear what is considered “perfect”, very common practice with celebrities these days.

  • AshenArtifice

    I’m more curious about “The Light vs. Dark Skin Debate”

  • Majo
    • Greenhatter

      You mean, the magazine itself gave her a little nose? You´re kidding me.

  • byteme

    If you take the nose from the still shot and overlay it in Photoshop onto the Fashion cover, you will see It is the same exact nose. Anyone with Photoshop can tell you. There is NO PsDisaster here.
    This Lorde girl is just trying to create a buzz about herself. She needs to get over herself.