Spot The Disaster: Amazon Is Scaring Us

The whole point of dressing up for Halloween is to freak people out, but this is taking it a little too far, don’t you think?  Who else can Spot the Disaster?



Thanks to Auralie, who spotted this disaster on  Amazon.

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  • A Guy

    I’m fairly certain this isn’t a PSD. That looks like a Real Doll, not an actual woman. Some of the other photos from that seller are clearly not of real people.

  • JeanPing

    If she is an actual person, she’s been corsetized and I think her arms have been slimmed down–unless she really does just have huge hands.

  • Lindsay Niles

    I think the disaster is that costume. Ugh.

  • richardginn

    She must be part ghost with as white as she is.

  • kelseigh

    Worst thing I can see here is the blurry bit of hair on her right shoulder. As to the waist…corsets actually do that. Since it seems to be a product aimed at the goth market, it’s probably an actual tight corset rather than the non-tight ones that get into Hallowe’en sales.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Maybe it’s that missing index finger and oddly placed thumb on her right hand.

  • Freddy

    Look at that curve át her left side!

  • Silvyah

    The only way this could be realistic is by removing multiple lower ribs. Corsets can make you look thinner, but they cannot tighten your ribs.

    • JeanPing

      Yeah, she’s been PSed to look like wearing a corset, not actually wearing one.

  • Dances with Lasagna

    Her waist is smaller around than her head is, which means she has no ribs. Her biceps are smaller around than her hands, which means there is nothing under the sleeves except bare bones.

  • somethingsomething

    It’s a very bad photo, either because of the Photoshop or the bad lighting&posture&shot, but the waist in itself is absolutely plausible (her waist is under the ribs, it’s just a strange posture/bad photo/photoshop which make it seems differently). In fact, I’d say it’s not a very tight/good corset. Historical and modern tight-lacing corsets can do much better.

  • Wehaf

    I think it doesn’t look quite human because, being a mannequin, it isn’t.

  • Clipping Path

    I think in this photo your finishing is not good. Because it has lots of mistake !!

  • me

    Is it just me or are her hands of a different (and way less zombie-esque) than the whole upper body? And I won’t mention the excessive use of noise reduction filters on the whole upper body :)

    • me

      Sorry, I meant the hands of a different *color* :-)

  • Name

    goth transvestites squeezed into victorian corsets always give me the creeps

  • RabbitEars

    Yes, a corset can make someone look really skinny, but notice the wrinkles in the garment – it’s not even tight enough to make her skinny. So something made her skinny and since it’s impossible that it was the corset, it’s likely that it was the person who PS’d her. And those nice tan hands…Nuff said.

  • JarFil

    I love how she looks partially decapitated, thanks to all those awful filters removing any contrast from her hair shadows.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    One nostril nose?

    • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      And the hair over her shoulder. It is just black stain clonetooled! How does that nobody noticed that?

  • deadringer

    Current guesses are: “One nostril nose”, “hair over her shoulder”, “partially decapitated”, “wrinkles in the garment”, “her hands are of a different color”, “PSed to look like wearing a corset”, “missing index finger”, “arms have been slimmed down”. Ah yes, one of those disasters of the impossible to spot by multiple people variety.

    I think that each individual bead on her necklace has been composited from 45 different photographs