Spot The Disaster: Flippin’ Hotel

Our reader Stuart received this image in an email advertisement.  The hotel looks lovely, but something is slightly off.  Can you Spot the Disaster?



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  • rotisiv

    I’ve been to egdirb drofdooW before, and it looks perfectly fine to me

    • handystl

      ha ha ha!!!

  • Mike

    The mirror will give the answer

  • jono_hayward


  • En Ding Ding Värld

    …erehtrevo taht ekil si gnihtyreve, Bridge Woodford tuoba laiceps gnihtoN. ees nac I sa, tigel yllatot si sihT

  • Blaine

    Here, I’ve fixed it for you:

    • handystl

      but everything else is even more wronger now

  • stella

    Finally, a hotel that caters to dyslexic travelers.

  • RabbitEars

    It just means you have to walk in and out backwards.