Spot The Disaster: Model Kalender

Here we see a model taking a lovely stroll in a winter wonderland… or is she?  Something looks a bit amiss with this image.  Can you spot the disaster?


Thanks to David for sending this in.  The original can be found here.

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  • John Fox

    I can’t see what’s wrong! :-(

  • Daneel_Olivaw

    Her face is lit from the left but the shadow on the ground looks as if she was lit from the right.

    Of course, colours are also wrong and there’s no way anyone can belive that this is not a studio photo comped into a horrible looking background (what’s up with that rock under the tree?)

  • Andulamb

    Looks pretty good to me. If you want to complain about something, how about the toeless chick at the top of the page?

  • Bruno

    She’s an elf, hence the absence of prints in the snow. This pic is legit 😉

  • OurJames

    Everyone knows you can’t Prancercise in boots like that! Otherwise, OK.

  • kabak

    an evening sky blushed does not create shadow unless there is a street light

    and how is it that the coat is the dark side of the light or just
    and lit the side of the shade


    It’s dusk, yet the place is lit up like a baseball field from above and below, which should yield more shadows. Additionally, the back of her coat should be lower because she doesn’t appear to be leaning forward very far. Perhaps they wanted more background shown?

    Otherwise it looks like a pose Marcia Brady would use in her portfolio to become a Breck girl.

  • JarFil

    So… it’s dusk at noon, with a top right light source, a front left fill and a magic invisible background fill, for a feather weight model not leaving any impression on the snow, and covered in superhydrophobic coating so no snow sticks to her while it’s snowing. Trollface rock is just there for the lulz.

  • BathedInSin

    She kind of looks like she was in the middle of jump roping and then they superimposed a coat on her.

  • Pete Farmer

    I can say without the shadow of a doubt that the lighting is screwball. Highlighting of coat would indicate lighting from her right, but leg shadows indicate lighting from her left. The leg shadows are inconsistent with a sundown taking place behind her back.

    • Brian Lowry

      I thought it might (charitably) be the moon giving her a shadow at dusk, but you’re right that the shadow of her coat falls the opposite way. Also, the shadows on her legs/face are oddly inconsistent with the coat, absolutely none of the background has any shadowing at all, and even the footprints in the snow appear somewhat inconsistent with her shadow on the ground.

      Looks like three layers: studio model shot (with studio lighting giving various shadows), background, and supposed shadow.

  • Itsoff

    she has crazy short legs compared to her torso. Plus, her hips seem to be turned at an unnatural angle compared to her torso. Then there is the problem with the shadow – it should be behind her based on how the light is hitting her face.

  • Srinivas Mithinti

    what about the spots all over the photo?

    • OurJames

      I think those are supposed to be out-of-focus snowflakes.

  • Srinivas Mithinti

    right leg is too lengthy comparing to left one.

  • seth

    Three fingers on her right (picture’s left) hand.

  • Bebert

    All other images in the same calendar are badly ‘shopped… this one isn’t the worst…

  • Robert

    The snow falling out of a cloudless sky?

  • Nicole

    The back of her coat is missing.

  • suzuki_dvr

    No disaster here…she’s cleverly walking backwards to prevent the rampaging Jack Torrance from following her footsteps 😉

  • Barbara

    There are soooo many things wrong. But I’m going with apparently she is a very, very large person. If that’s supposed to be a walkway behind her, wide enough for even just two people to walk next to each other, and it’s only about 3 steps away from her, good grief she’s huge. Attack of the 50 foot woman. But that whole calendar is a disaster of photoshop misuse.