Spot The Disaster: Not Making It Work

Even though the Emmy Awards won’t hit the airwaves until Sunday night, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum already won awards at last week’s Creative Arts Ceremony.  Here they are expressing their elation… but something’s not quite right.  Can you spot the disaster?


Spotted by JD on the Project Runway Facebook page.

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  • Justin Atkinson

    Gunn’s award isn’t casting a shadow on anything but himself, but based on the little bits of shadow on his face, the award’s shadow might just be concealed behind his head. It also looks like the award is the only thing in focus, but most of his arm is too. I think it’s just a coincidence.

    • kelseigh

      The base of Gunn’s award definitely casts a shadow, I think the upper part of the shadow is lost in his collar. Judging by where I think the light source is, it seems to make sense visually. The big hands/awards might (although I’m not sure) have more to do with the focal length of the camera than anything in Photoshop, I think.

      That said, Klum has some impressive upper arms there. Girl’s been workin’ out!

      • Waldobaby

        The shadows would not normally be a problem but in this case his award doesn’t cast one. Tie that together with his very klutzy hand not aligning up with his sleeve, and my guess is that he was waving empty-handed and someone decided, since they only had one award at the shoot, to give him a trophy too.

        • Skeptic

          No, there are other photographs of this photo-op available on Google Images, and all of them show both of them with awards. I’m thinking the problem wasn’t the award but his face is pasted on. So the award was casting a shadow on his face from that angle, and they decided to paste on his face from another photograph to “fix” it.

          • Besucherin

            I was a little confused at first when looking at the picture, but your explanation makes a lot of sense to me.
            It’s quite ridiculous, really, how quickly people will spot “mistakes” that are nothing but perspective and light behaviour.
            But there definitely is a shadow missing, and it couldn’t ever be behind his head, seeing from where the light is coming from, and especially seeing how the shadow of the base is visible right beneath his collar. The rest of the shadow just HAS to be on his face – where it isn’t.
            Going from those bits of observation, his face does look rather pasted on.

          • Waldobaby

            Other photographs? We have to base our expert analyses on research and diligence? When this blog becomes fact-based and realistic then FailBlog wins!

            But to be serious, the hoi polloi don’t get comparison pics. They usually get just the one, and that’s what THEY react to. Also, in the end this little blog bases it’s existence on the assumption that PS has been used everywhere, 100% of the time. Ergo, that’s all you get to run with: one assumption and one pic.

        • kelseigh

          Unless he has a round, flat hand, then there’s definitely a shadow of the statue’s base around his collarbone area, and as others have pointed out there’s some shadow (probably the wing of the statue) on his jaw.

  • Rav

    The arm with the award doesn’t fit the sleeve?

  • jPekka

    They both have probably problems buying gloves.

  • John Moffett

    Hands, people….great, big, giant, hands! And even bigger Emmys!!!!

    • Rrhain

      No, the Emmys are the right size. I’ve actually handled some and they’re huge. It’s the fact that there is no shadow of the Emmy on his face as there ought to be given the lighting. There’s something odd going on around his left (our right) ear and neck, like they pasted a different face onto his body so that they could get rid of the shadow the Emmy would have been casting in the original image.

  • Skeptic

    I’m no expert, but I think the guy’s face is pasted on.

  • Snidge

    Is a bit of Heidi Klum’s bum missing?

  • AuntieMeme

    Gunn’s hand doesn’t line up with his wrist.

  • dsu

    Frankly, I am worried about the top of Ms. Klum’s biceps. She either has a reflective skin disease or the photographer has an odd fetish.

  • JD Liddil

    A item of the bucket list. Tom find a PS disasater AND make it on the list!!!!!!!

  • andrewsjp

    Where is his neck? He has a neck in all the other photos of the event! Pasted head!

  • CLoh

    Their hands are HUGE!

  • Merel

    I think it is just a bad picture. The shadow is on his chin/cheek and a littlebit on his ear. On the internet are a lot of pictures to find of the both of them on this event:

    • disqus_XQa38TJ8yu

      Got it. The shot was a wobbly, hand-held, slow exposure with flash, creating the well-known blurry double image effect that can look like a PSD. Just compare the background writing on the image posted by Merel, above. I’m keeping an open mind about her upper-arm muscles and unusually long neck though.

  • kelseigh

    Seriously, if it’s so subtle that even this crowd of experienced disaster-spotters can’t be sure, is it even a disaster any more? Maybe start a “Photoshop Minor Flubs” blog to go along with this one?

    • Lorry

      Damn right.

  • Billy

    Ignore the shadows: his hand holding the award doesn’t line up with his sleeve.

  • Piotr

    I found something… weird. Is this the alien? Where is his navel? Pampers – what’s wrong with you?×700/0/pieluchy-i-akcesoria/pampers-wielopak-active-baby-3-rozmiar-midi-2-x-112-szt-.1568203.2.jpg

  • Andulamb

    Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I’ll bet PSD mods and users see lots of faces on Mars.

  • Pop

    Not really a disaster. But if you look hard you can see the Heidi’s hand is too big and fuzzy, Tim’s hand is dis-jointed from his arm, and Tim’s head is pasted on (the shadow’s along the left side of HIS head are so wrong).

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    Vampire award!

  • ivsonya

    The upper part of the statue isn’t lined up with the base – maybe they tilted it because of the background. The statue seems broken and as a result has some shadow problems and Tim’s hand looks disjointed from his arm.

  • Shiranai

    Pasted Head, Shadow of his thumb on Heidi is missing (why?) and the figure on his award has a not visible vampire shadow.

  • Brian McKenzie

    Are those hands or hams holding the trophies?