Spot The Disaster: Pretty (Weird) Fingers And Toes

One of our fabulous readers was searching for spa services in Barcelona, when suddenly….


There’s a lot going on here.  Did you spot the disaster?

Thanks, Maria!

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  • Melewen

    I don’t see the disaster…

    • Betty Boop

      I agree – nothing wrong here.

  • DianeVan

    Center top pic. I don’t know about you, but my fingers don’t bend that way. They are pretty long too.

    • Melewen

      The fingers do like a bit over-airbrushed, but it looks like the same hands as the lower right pic. And for what it’s worth, I can bend my hand the same way.

      • Skeptic

        Photo, or you can’t. 😉

        • ladycygnus

          I can bend my fingers back like that as well – back to about 45 if I try hard. If I apply pressure they can go back a little over than 90 degrees. This is a bit more than usual, but a large subset of the population can bend them back to some degree.

    • DummyPants

      The fingers do look long but the same hands, as mentioned, are in the lower photo and they are the same. It’s the only thing that stands out as odd…I did sit here counting fingers and toes, too, so… hmmm. I wish that PSD would do one of those red circle dealies so we could see what THEY think is wrong. Sometimes I just don’t see it.

      • Waldobaby

        That’s because there often IS nothing wrong.

    • Bryan “bytehead” Price

      I’m not that worried about the bending, but the they certainly have been lengthened. That middle finger is 150% as long as the palm They may be the same fingers in the picture below right, but even then, those fingers are actually shorter than in the above picture.

  • Lin

    that top middle picture gives me the willies

  • Lin

    the fingers are abnormally long and a couple of the top knuckles seem to be bending backwards

  • Pete Farmer

    I give up. Can we buy a vowel?

  • Jenifer Jeny

    I am afraid to hear like that sounds. Really it’s urgent for all and i think great idea you generate here.

  • Brian Lowry

    In the lower middle photo, the hands doing the manicuring don’t match, which is more of a composition disaster, since it appears to be one hand from the manicurist and one hand from the client (the client’s other hand is getting the work done). Perhaps that’s just part of their progressive work-sharing and do-it-yourself program.

  • alftuba

    Top right – Not sure if it’s a disaster, but I’m having a hard time seeing what’s going on. The horizontal(ish) line near the top is obviously the top of the water level, but what are those 2 vertical lines on the sides?…

    Also, does anybody else see the pedestrian traffic “WALK” guy in the white reflection in the water?

  • Dutchguy

    Palm is flat in the top middle picture as if the original was pressed against a table.