Let’s Take Mom Skiing

Skiing is a wonderful activity for families, even families who have a teeny-tiny mother who rides along on her daughter’s back.  She’s obviously enjoying herself, though.  Look at that sunny smile!


Thanks to Max, who also pointed out that Mom seems to have been cobbled out of the remnants of Dad’s snow pants.  See the original here.

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  • Just saying…

    Shadows go where you go. But in the pic they seem to go where they want.

  • 5up Mushroom

    I see no disaster. Just a woman standing a few feet behind a kid, leaning forward.

    • Gappy

      If so, she is wearing on long, long ski. The one of the far right has to be hers.

      • 5up Mushroom

        I see two ski’s for her. The tips of both are positioned just a bit farther in front (towards the camera) then the kid in the blue coat’s feet, suggesting the woman’s legs are in the same position as the kid.

        • Gappy

          Bad edit on my part. It should say ” wearing long, long skis”. That said, there are no two skis that line up with her legs..

  • Happy Happy

    Apparently, the vacation budget came up a bit short. There are only seven skis.

  • MobiLutz

    Don’t see aPSD either.

  • Mack Frost

    Not a PSD. There ARE eight skis in the photo, but you can only see the tip of Mom’s right ski. The perspective is weird because it was taken with an ultra-wide angle lens. Sometimes I wonder about the posts on this site.

    • 5up Mushroom

      I’m with you. I like a good PSD as much as the next person, but sometimes stuff like this pops up and it makes you wonder who vets this stuff. There’s nothing here to suggest a PSD. The only thing that is funky is how high her crotch is, but that can be explained by the strange perspective and lens.

      • Gappy

        I still count only seven. The little girl is the one missing the ski.

        A strange perspective and lens who have the same impact on the other side of the picture. Also, it doesn’t seem to impact the background.

        • Waldobaby

          You DO know that the background is a lot further away, right?

        • Andulamb

          The little girl has two skis. Counting ski tips from the right, hers are the 2nd and 4th.

          The mom also has two skis. The first ski from the right is hers. And do you see dad’s rightmost ski? (Right, from our perspective.) Mom’s ski tip is perched on top of it.

  • smrk

    not a PSD …

  • stella

    Mom’s shoulders seem way to small for her head. It looks like there was a man and three kids in the photo and they shopped a woman’s head onto the body of the kid in the back.

  • Jason

    Booooo, Not a PSD

  • Andulamb

    Another photo that has been declared a “PSD” by someone who knows nothing about photography.

  • Faerie Nuff

    Not a PSD. If you guys are willing to pay for such a service, I’m a photographer, and I can take a look at your posts before they go up to tell you which ones are just weird, awkward pictures. This is just a weird, awkward picture. Please stop embarrassing yourselves.

    • Nasro Subari

      Please stop whoring your business here.

      • Faerie Nuff

        Gosh, I’m so sorry I offended your delicate sensibilities. I wasn’t aware that when I signed in to Discus they would put up a link to my completely unrelated photography website. Good luck even finding my business from my Discus name.

        I was merely pointing out that it would be good for them to have someone on their staff with photography experience. I would be willing to do such a thing, but I don’t work for free.