Victoria’s Secret: Rib Roast

We’re not saying that Victoria’s Secret eliminated half of this model’s rib cage and made her look like some kind of lanky alien/insect, we’re just saying… oh, never mind.  That’s exactly what we’re saying.

The original was found here.  Thanks, Zsuzsanna!

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  • Ariel Grey

    And the original is HOT why the hell would the eff with it?

  • OurJames

    This is what they think women want to look like….

    • Waldobaby

      I think it’s colder than that. I think the message is “if you buy this you won’t look like such a fat cow.”

  • kermitthefrogess

    Who needs a ribcage anyway. Breathing is overrated.

  • richardginn

    She is a supermodel that can get into super duper positions….

  • Stella

    If I cover everything below her arms, I could almost believe that her ribcage is fine, just partially hidden behind her left upper arm. But if that were the case, the place where her legs should be is much farther to the right.. Which makes me wonder — Did they erase part of the original photo or did they splice two photos together?

  • Cropper

    That’s a Supermodel?!?!?!!? More like a contortionist.

  • Jugstopper

    She’s Gumby, dammit!

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Not only has her ribcage been shrunk, but her torso looks elongated. And she’s been lightened. Check out the photo I found of her ‘au natural’ Poor girl! She’s already drop-dead gorgeous,Why they try to improve perfection is beyond me.