Victoria’s Secret: Thigh-Jacked

We’re not usually into conspiracy theories, but since this appears to be the same model who had a thigh disaster recently, we’re starting to suspect that the good people at Victoria’s Secret are trying to hide something.  I don’t know why, though; there’s no shame in being a Minotaur.

Photoshop Disasters

Thanks for the great find, Tryptophan!  The original is here.

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  • TitaniumSpork

    It’s the lighting. Nothing wrong with her thigh.

    • Filey

      It´s not so much even the right thigh or the left thigh that it is so disturbing for me – it´s that´s they are meant to be joined to the same body

    • Bryce Bladon

      It’s like her right leg is bending at a strange angle thanks to the play of light.

  • AB

    I don’t see anything wrong. Do you think her right thigh bends upward just inside the jacket? That’s a trick of the shadow. Look closer and you can see her thigh continue normally inside the jacket.

  • Alchemical

    Is her ass on backwards?

  • NeilH

    The vertical line in the background, together with the shadow, make it look as if there’s a kink in her thigh. Not a PSD.

    • Kirsty

      I think you’re right. It does look like it though.

    • Dawn Casey

      Yep. I went to the original image link, clicked to zoom in, and you can see that it’s just the way the light is falling on her leg to make it look kinked. In the zoom, you can see her leg is normal and straight, with a shadow from the shirt on it.

  • The George

    Not the most pressing issue – but It’s clearly not the same model??

  • Jugstopper

    She looks awfully well-fed for a VS model.

  • Stefan

    There is nothing wrong on the pic!

  • Flirty Gertie

    Not A Shop. Not this time…

  • SL

    Minoteur… Bahahaha. ahhh… laughing is good.

  • SL

    This is not a PSD by the way. Her tight is fine if you look really close. It’s just a bad illusion.

  • zab_paris

    There is a real problem with the left thigh, not only because of the angle of the right one ; the muscles which appear don’t belong te an upper part of a thigh. Try to imagine the bottom of her belly and the whole thing does not work.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    It’s obvious that none of you know anything about anatomy. Her right thigh has been moved down and out about ten inches. It’s not a play of shadows or lines or anythng natural.

  • dai

    Late for lunch amateur needs better legs. Finds some on Google but forgets the essential ‘flip horizontal; command. Result – she looks like she shits from the front.

  • Edd

    Not a single Chun Lee joke? I am disappointed with the PSD community. For shame.

  • Lucy Chastain

    Okay, you guys are clearly blind. If you try to follow her shape from torso to legs you’ll see that the top half of her body is 3/4 view but her thighs and butt are sideways view, like an Egyptian hieroglyphic. It looks weird, like her body was composed of two separate bodies.

  • Silvyah

    Absolutely a PSD. Actually, if you try to ‘reinvent’ the bottom under the jacket, I think panties were showing. They might have tried to remove her lady parts.. because just above the shadow on the left leg, a big of skin of her belly should start.