Vogue: Kimye and North West Take A Selfie

I know you’ll all be shocked by this news, but some people are saying that this photo from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue spread may have been a teensy-weensy bit Photoshopped.  Just slightly.  Like, hardly noticeable at all.


Maybe we’re wrong, though.  Maybe they’re all just a bunch of self-obsessed vampires, as I’ve always suspected.

H/T Gizmodo.

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  • Nicky

    Yeah – taking a picture of someone who is taking a picture of his wife (or wife-to-be), taking a picture of herself and their baby. m( What is so great about these ‘selfies’? If she wanted to capture the moment with a device they own, she could have just looked into his ‘camera’. If she wanted a good picture, she should have looked into the professional camera. This is just inception gone crazy…
    The missing mirror images are easy to explain: The egos of the people involved are so blown up, the mirror decided to ignore them completely. And just a hovering baby would have looked funny, so the photoshop people edited her out.

  • Marcy

    Hmm…vampires could be possible. Is there any proof that either of them have a soul?

  • Andulamb

    My biggest complaint is the image on Kanye’s tablet. It’s exactly the same as our view of Kim, which of course it couldn’t be because he’s not viewing her from the same angle.

    Kim’s missing reflection doesn’t bother me, because she’s being photographed along a line that is pretty much perpendicular to the mirror. In other words, it’s believable that she’s blocking her own reflection. But surely we should see Kanye’s reflection. Which of course explains the need for the fake image on his tablet.

    • Rob

      I agree with the Picture-On-The-Tablet-issue. That’s definitly ps’d. But his reflection could actually be hidden by Kim.

  • kabak

    1) disaster if the man receive the picture from the woman because her phone can’t send her hand’s image
    2) disaster if the man take a picture of the woman while she’s shooting herself because the black square behind her is not supposed to be in the field of the tablet

  • richardginn

    it is a major photo from a magazine with Kim Kardashian in it and if it did not have some photoshopping done to the photo that would be the TRUE disaster here,,,

  • Waldobaby

    When you have second rate talent (no names please) and/or no talent (no names please) you have to rely on yourself to keep up the whole being-famous-for-being-famous thing. These people have that down solid. Maybe they have a talent for it.

    Don’t hate THEM; they are just doing what needs to be done. We are the ones, the consumers making this all possible. We have met the enemy and he is us.

  • ixache

    I’m looking straight at the mirror in the picture, and I don’t see myself either. So why should I see them in it?

    IOW, it’s not a mirror, it’s a big trompe-l’oeil. No PSD, move along, us peons couldn’t understand celebs’ taste in decoration.

    • Fakeroo

      Yes somehow magically all of the furniture appears in the mirror but none of the humans….

  • Mwah

    Wouldn’t vampires be no-shows even in photographs?

  • TFP

    Definitly ps’d.

    1.) According to accessible information Kim’s height is 1.59 m and Kanye’s is 1.73 m, making a difference of 0.14 m. The size of Kim’s left hand holding the mobile compared to Kanye’s right hand leads to the impression of both hands residing in the same layer. Assuming a Kim’s-Face/Her-Mobile-distance of 0.6 m and a Kanye’s-Face/The-Tablet-distance of 0.4 m the whole distance between them should be around 1 m which should let him appear tinier.

    2.) Since Kim’s face, the tablet and the photographer’s camera are on the same level, holding the tablet with this particualar angle Kanye would defintly take a picture of her neck instead of her face.