Jeb Bush’s Very Dark Hand

Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, Right To Rise, recently tweeted out a really strange picture of the Presidential candidate.


Whose hand is that?! A spokesperson for R2R explained the dark hand on Jeb’s hip by stating that a woman had been standing near him and cast a shadow on his hand. The image was then used in front of a stock photo of Iowa.

A likely story! Still funny, though.

Thank you to everyone who sent this image to us! [Source]


Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in Photoshop and pop culture around the web. Enjoy!


  • 17 Signs That Prove Font Choice Is Important. [Web Humor]
  • Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush had an epic Photoshop battle on Twitter. [The Wire]
  • Shia LeBeouf’s stretching ad for Nike got meme’d. [The Mirror UK]
  • Bizarre ad uses skinny model to display plus-sized pants. (Thanks, Remy) [Imgur]
  • 10 photo editing alternatives that offer powerful editing controls. [TNW News]
  • Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch is the latest internet meme. [HuffPost Sports]
  • Very funny chalkboard bar signs. [Web Humor]
  • How basic is a basic website? (answer: pretty basic). [Clients From Hell]

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BILD: Andrea Berg’s Third Hand

Since we don’t speak German, we put the text on this article through Google translate to make sure “hund” doesn’t mean “hand.” It doesn’t.


Andrea Berg mourns her dog.”

No mention about that third hand, eh? Okay then; we’re calling it: PSD!

Thanks to Peter for sending us this link.

São Paulo Metro: Back Up That Backpack

This is an ad put out by the metro de São Paulo. It’s supposed to encourage people to stop wearing enormous backpacks* on the subway and bus because doing so is annoying to other travelers**.



* Enormous backpacks that you could totally live inside because… have we mentioned how enormous it is?!

** Could they have maybe worked a little harder to make it look like those other people were anywhere near said enormous backpack?

Thanks for sending this to us, Antonio! You can find this image online on Facebook.

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