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Alpro: So… yeah…

Genetically modified foods have a stigma attached to possible side-effects, but at least there are no recorded instances of missing hands and floating cooking utensils.

Photoshop Disasters

For a company dedicated to non-modified foods, there’s a heavy hand of something unnatural here. Most of you probably aren’t familiar with Finnish Chef Sami Tallberg, but I assure you, he usually has two hands and skin that doesn’t look like it’s ready to go in the oven.

Thanks Katja.

Elle: LOL

Emma Watson has managed to avoid most of the pitfalls that come with being a child star, but when her parents told her she couldn’t get her ear pierced more than once, she acted out in her own way.

Photoshop Disasters

This article has “it’s all in the details” as its headline, which makes this disaster extra poignant. The best part is that Watson doesn’t seem to be wearing an earring in her right ear, so when someone in Elle’s Photoshop department was told to add one – well, this is when knowing the difference between stage left and stage right is important.

Thanks for the find Kasadey. You can see the original on Elle.

Photoshop Quiz : Focus: False Prophet

hummm… I mean we’ve had babies with six fingers, amputee models, so why wouldn’t a solider with three arms be possible. I guess “Focus” magazine may have made one of those titanic mistakes.

Vote below and drop us a comment as to what happened. 

Photoshop Disasters

Everything looks

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Thanks Matthias for the image.

NIS: If it fits, I sits

Getting the whole family in one place can be tricky, especially when you have to fit them all in a cart intended for one.

Photoshop Disasters

Come for the gorgeous view, the beautiful bridges, and the hot-air balloon cut-out. Stay for the judgemental cat.

Seriously, what is Whiskers doing there?

Thanks Steven. You can see the original on the Nies & Partners Facebook page.

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