Louis Vuitton: Through A Glass, Dorkily

Louis Vuitton PSD
In a bracingly antideconstructionist denouement Steven Meisel reinterprets the dichotomatic nature of classic Hegelian dialectics in the semiotically heterodoxical form of a “mirror reality” in which Natalia Vodianova is not touching her breast, thus representing, inter alia, a signification of reordered gender realism bananabread wingnut hatstand homeschooler.

Thanks to Sara C! Bigger version here!

La Regina Dei Castelli Di Carta: Versus Fight Night

Der Spiegel PSD
Another mystery. She put on another pot of coffee and looked again at the picture. Meanwhile, several years earlier, some sort of Fight Night is taking place. She pondered about this strange connection while she made another pot of coffee. Somewhere a crime had been committed.

Thanks to Courtney!

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