Le Parisien: Main Problem

Seriously, what is wrong with French football?

Le Parisien about French Football PSD
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Reader Captions: 

Not a PSD.
Football midfielder Jeremy Toulalan simply took the coaches too literally when they asked him to be more ‘versatile’ on the field.
He thought they said ‘handy‘.  By PoCoLoco

so that’s where Maradonna’s hand of god disappeared to. By Urnfs

I Do & I Don’t: Don’t

Application of Quantum Mechanics PSD
This image is an excellent example of the application of quantum mechanics to Photoshop (ℑ). The image ∂ is represented by a waveform ℵ in which ℵ’ is the image without any Photoshop work and ℵ” is the image that a neutral observer ☺ can see. As ℑ approaches infinity we see the waveform collapse and oh her arm has snapped off.

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Proenza Schouler: Toxic Waist

You can never be too rich or too thin, but Proenza Schouler are working on it.

Proenza Schouler

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Reader Captions:

Just vacuum out your entire intestinal tract and you too can be this thin and sexy *cough hack*  by jeanne

If she ever ate a whole cracker she’d just blow up! by zeppo

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