My Ballet Studio: Your First Position Looks Like Number Two

My Ballet Studio PSD
Usually I don’t care for plain old bad Photoshopping. But in this instance, where a designer has gone beyond the realm of jejune lameness to deliver a piece of trainwreckage so astonishingly feeble, so outrageously inept, so overwhelmingly half-assed – that the senses are intoxicated by powerful wave after wave of revulsion and sadness, I make an exception.

Thanks to Andy and everyone else who sent this in!

Doctor Who: The Trousers Of Doom

Doctor Who PSD
Dr Who is a classic British sci-fi show about a robot spaceman called The Doctor. He’s a hologram Time Lord (ie: from the future.) Even more strangely, his pants stay up through some sort of transdimensional vortex of multispatial implausibility.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Original is here!

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