Globe: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

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Globe PSD
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Honestly, I don’t think it matters anymore, all I ever see when I look at ads is “Lorem ipsum”, akin to the teacher’s gargling noise when he/she speaks to Charlie Brown. by Alex

You people. This isn’t a psd. The problem is caused by barrel distortion from a wide angle lens. Duh. Everyone knows that barrel distortion causes normal words like lorum ipsum to look like lorum ipsum. By luke

Maneater: Will This Do?

Maneater PSD
No, no, that’s OK, I understand, $85 per hour. […] That’s fine, but our budget is $10. […] Can you do it for $10? […] You can’t because you’re trying to run a business? I see, well, […] OK, perhaps I’ll have my friend’s son do it. […] Yes, he’ll do it for $10. […] Actually I’m sure it will turn out fine thank you very much. [ANGRILY HANGS UP PHONE]

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