Tata: We Hate Your Retinas

Tata PSD
pho⋅to il⋅lus⋅tra⋅tion
   /ˈfoʊtoʊˌɪləˈstreɪʃən/ [foh-toh il-uh-strey-shuhn]
1. Oh my good Lord that really is hideous. Let’s say it’s photo-illustration.
2. This illustration sucks. Let’s blame it on Photoshop.
3. Don’t look at me I wanted to hire Nadav.

Thanks to Tom! Original is here!

Glamour: Even The Instruments Are Fake

Glamour PSD

The scene: Glamour mag Miley Cyrus shoot

Lovely darling (click) now can you hold your guitar in front of you in a quasi-but-not-quite sexual fashion? (click) And smile! (click) Lovely. (click) And can you make the headstock inexplicably dissolve into your hair? (click) Lovely!

Thanks to fishing4monkeys! Original is here!

Agent Provocateur: Provokes A Tear

Agent Provocateur PSD
This is the PsD equivalent of one of those 3-D patterns that you have to gaze into and then suddenly you can see it. You have to be patient; it can take several seconds.

Thanks to Marie! Original is here!

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