Jonah Hex: Stumpy Meets Crazy Corset

Jonah Hex PSD
In case you’re curious, my Gmail inbox looks something like this:

2%: Good tips. Yay!
38%: Incredibly minor mistakes from pornographic Romanian lingerie catalogs (“Look! Her fingernail look strange!”)
25%: “Have you seen this?” tips that link directly back to this blog.
17%: That Curves cereal box, sometimes with a link back to this blog.
5%: Hopelessly inarticulate hate-mail from homeschoolers.
10%: Media requests from journalists who would me like to write their feature for them.
3%: Josh Brolin’s stumpy arm next to Megan Fox’s unlikely waistline.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Bigger version here!

Formoza: We Are Competent Formoza The Time

Formoza PSD
Part of the genius of running this blog is the extensive (and awesome) detective work I get to do. For example, I can tell from the menu-style writing on this picture that it is from Japan. Oh Japan, country of cuckoo clocks and windmills, why are you so enigmatic and mysterious in your art production techniques?

(Thanks to all 2000 people who have been sending this one in all summer.)

Chevy Chase Bank: And You’re Not

Chevy Chase Bank PSD
Final draft:
As a busy student, I’m as likely to bank at 3am as 3pm. With online banking and ATMs everywhere, it’s all up to me.

Original draft:
As a regular LSD user with rubber spikes for arms, I’m as likely to bank at 3am as find the secret meaning behind these hammers of meat. With little spiders and skeletons everywhere, it’s all up to the giant talking wasp in the bathroom.

Thanks to Scott! Original lives here!

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