My One And Only: Zero Out Of One

My One And Only PSD
Ha ha, you movie-going morons! We don’t think you actually look at anything! We have the production values of a three-year old! Where’s my medication? I spit on your expectation of visual literacy! Who care! Who care!

Thanks to thebutcher! Bigger version here!

Garnier: Ambre So Lame

Garnier PSD
Either this is the most impossibly long-legged contortionist model in the history of collateral artwork, or there are really two women here cavorting around, all naked and covered in product. Which means it isn’t a PsD, but shame on you, Garnier.

Thanks to Megan! Original is here!

Peta: No Fur, Bad Feather

Peta PSD

Your honor, may it please this here court that I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only was Mizzzzzzzz Long not in the nude, but that she was never in the alleged bleedin’ subway, and furthermore, that whatever person or personages what did that there picture has never been in a subway either.

Thanks to Marina! Original is here (CelebrityBrands)! Four Armed Is Forewarned

Four Armed Is Forewarned PSD
Translation (please correct if any of this is even slightly wrong):
Using one of his miniature extravagances, Isabelita “Two Patties” celebrates his birthday with a pizza. At the party he realized that five times four is twenty three, in the restaurant Isabel’s House, in Rio’s “Naughty Zone” (ie: red light district.)

Thanks to Kika! Original is here!

University of Lublin: Broken Token

University of Lublin PSD

Oh good! A Polish website that isn’t full of racial hang-ups! Let’s try out the Polish-language version of the site…

University of Lublin PSD


Original site is here! Thanks to prakobieta!

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