Whitney: I Don’t Know Her So Well

Whitney PSD
In the heartbreaking competition to be the saddest aspect of this whole thing, the imbecilic idea that female vocalists should always look like supermodels slightly edges out the profoundly tragic likelihood that Whitney believes this is a plausible representation of herself. In third place: the body’s real owner probably has this in her portfolio.

Edit: Yes, it’s a hoax.

Thanks to Jake! More discussion here.

Birds Eye: Birds Hands

Birds Eye PSD
Lets just get this straight. You, Birds Eye, sell frozen food. You advertise this food with images that you produce. You employ designers and photographers. You have producers and models. You are a real company.

Frankly, most people would expect that creating a picture of a woman in a kitchen holding a plate of food would be within your competence.

Thanks to Current Resident!

Victoria’s Secret: Airbrush Stuck At 100%

Victoria's Secret PSD
Remember that guy with the airbrush and how you were going to buy that van and he was going to do this really cool artwork all over it and it was going to be really cool with shagpile carpets and lava lamps and this special bubble window and even a TV and so you could watch Cheech and Chong videos?

Turns out he got a job with Victoria’s Secret.

Thanks to Lingo!

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