Lexware: Something’s High

Lexware PSD
I imagine the chain of events that led to this trainwreck being something like:

We need to show people doing business ⇒ Successful businesspeople agree with each other ⇒ People who agree might high-five each other ⇒ If only we had a picture of two people high-fiving each other ⇒ Photoshop ⇒ PsD.

Thanks to Jonas! Original is here!

StarGate: Dodgy Vertical Hold

StarGate PSD
Episode 50993: A time distortion field caused by the space fascists means that MacGyver and the gay one have to rescue the dumb blonde from sinking through the floor by standing in front of exact copies of themselves. In the end the beefy black drag queen and the English totty are mysteriously transported into the scene by a K’mnd-V.

Thanks to Arian!