Revolver: Where Is Your Pain Waiver Now?

You know how it is; you go out to lunch on a Friday with just one thing left to do, and then you get into a tequila slamming competition and you forgot how it would interact with your medication and then there was this girl who thought you were so funny and then you wake up at 4am and your brain says “Ohshitshitshit I didn’t finish that cutout.” 

Original in Revolver magazine, reported by Laura!

Dana Carvey: Avoid Portrait In Attic

Apparently Dana Carvey has a son, also named Dana Carvey. In other news, HBO not that good at doing hair cutouts.

Thanks to Patrick B, Brian C, Brandon V, Matt S, estacey, Karen McC, Martin H, Jocelyn W, Lindsey C, Tony S, Justin R, Diana, Jessica K, Dana C(!), Jenni L, Matthew J H, Miranda Dubyah, Hugo M-S, Justin A, Jessy, Christopher S and Jesse S!

Washington Post: Unlikely

Aren’t newspapers supposed to not do things like this? (I mean real newspapers, not National Inquirer or the British tabloids.) Isn’t there some sort of oath of journalistical ethics that they have to swear or something?

Original is on page 15 of this huge pdf. Thanks to Robert S!
[Edit: The image is from Getty, not AP. The Washington Post Express actually phoned me up to say there was no Photoshopping on their part.]

Lancome: Ooh You Poor Man

Hmm, for some reason these pictures of craggy tough-guy real-man Clive Owen look a little unfeminine. Could you please run the Donna Summer filter over them a few times? Ta!

Next week: Patrick Stewart for Head and Shoulders.

Thanks to Rebecca J and Matt M. More Lancome-Owen outrage here.

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