L’Oreal: Oops With The Levels

Left: before L’Oreal, right: after.

The great thing about L’Oreal’s caucasianizing and plasticizing of Beyonce is the way that they will probably proudly point to it as an example of their inclusiveness and general political correctness.

TMZ started the ball rolling; the NY Post weighs in here.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, especially SW and Sioned!

Mad Men: Mad Scaling

So there’s this show on AMC called Mad Men. It’s great. I haven’t seen it, but I understand that it’s about this ad agency in the 1960s that is entirely staffed by people with growth disorders. All of the stories are about how people of radically different heights – pygmies, amazons, dwarves, giants – can somehow work together. It’s fantastic (probably)!

Thanks to Bobby, Chris, Andy, Jennifer and Sue!

Carmichael Training: Tttrrrrrrainright!

If you hated your gym teacher at school, you’ll enjoy this.

Carmichael Training not only makes a pig’s ear of its cutouts, but also misspells its own URL, which is subsequently registered in order to maliciously ridicule them build team spirit!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! More coverage at Sticky Wicket!

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