Let’s Be Cruel To: Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind has a theme of cheap-and-cheerful pastiches of existing iconic movies, hence the grade-school-style painted background. What’s unfortunate is the middle-school-style perspective distorts and remedial head transplants in the photomontage in the foreground.

It’s neither bad-enough-to-look-deliberate, nor good-enough-to-not-appear-on-photoshopdisasters. Bigger version here.

Edit: Belated thanks to Señorita Puri, mea culpa!

Fox: Disaster Watch Begins

Today, thanks to super-observant contributor Amos, we present Photoshop disasters first Disaster Watch: How long will it be before 20th Century Fox replaces the evident clone tool abuse in their logo?

Bigger version here.

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