Ashley Tisdale: Ewww

Usually submissions to PsD are easy to follow up. Sometimes they are strangely hard to track down. Is this really Ms Tisdale’s next DVD cover? Really?

The only site that seems to have it is here [warning: Comic Sans]. Thanks to Michelle DePesa!

Yoox: Maybe She Should Find A Different Line Of Work

Photographer: I just can’t help noticing that – uh – thing on your bosom.
Model: I put concealer on it, did’nie.
Photographer: They ‘aven’t made a concealer wot can conceal that darling. David bleeding Copperfield can’t make that disappear.
Model: Well, can’t you like photochop it aht?
Photographer: Well, we’ll ‘ave to, though I have to say, we do suck at Photoshop.

Thanks to Mark Van Ee. Original is here.

Cheese Heads: Finger Deforming Good!

You see, when a picture loves another picture very much, they get together and do something very special. Son, I’m going to use a word I’m sure you’ve heard before – they get Photoshopped together. And this is how a disaster comes into the world; it’s a beautiful thing.

Props to Rik Sansone!

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