Time: It’s Abysmalicious!

Shock and panic swept the Time newsroom today as senior figures conceded that they had lost the war against abysmal Photoshopping. A Senior Creative Director, speaking on condition of anonymity revealed the awful truth: “Time no longer has any grip on the basic fundamentals of media production. We have people’s babysitters producing graphics for us now.”

Others tried to stem the wave of nausea by insisting that the latest photo-illustration work was “deliberately bad.”

“It’s a style,” claimed one designer, “it’s supposed to be outsidery” she insisted as she struggled to hold back the tears.

Thanks to Nathan B! Original is here!

EA: Ronaldin-OW!

On the one hand, Electronic Arts is one of the largest media companies in the world with 7900 employees and $4 billion in revenues. The company has a virtual lock on sports franchise games; for FIFA’08 they have a multi-year licensing and marketing deal with FIFA, the world governing body of the most popular sport on the planet.

On the other hand, they aren’t very good at arms.

Thanks to Lucas H! Original here!

Weekend: If You Undo Your Belly Button Your Ass Falls Off

Summer Rayne Oakes (warning: stripper name) is that most mundane of species, a stunningly beautiful environmental scientist who helps injured kittens against the the decepticons, or something equally unlikely. Her blog is here.

Because of global warming she frequently has to take off her clothes, as shown here in Austria’s Weekend magazine. Her belly button is currently in Sweden accepting the Nobel prize for narcissism.

Thanks to Anna K!

Elle: Mary Kate Bobblehead

Bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead.

Bobblehead – bobblehead (bobblehead: bobblehead!) Bobblehead bobblehead. Weird wrist. Bobblehead.

Bobblehead to Kevin C! Bobblehead!

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