Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what’s been going on in Photoshop and pop culture this week.


  • Cindy Crawford keeps it real by appearing in Marie Claire sans Photoshop. [The Independent]
  • What’s the most hated font? No, not that… the other one. [Clients From Hell]


  • Best of the ‘Brian Williams Telling Lies’ Memes. [Uproxx]
  • A first real alternative to Photoshop has launched, and it’s free. [Creative Bloq]


  • 15 of the Funniest Valentines Drawn By Kids. [Web Humor]
  • Your dreams, Photoshop version. [Neatorama]
  • Weird Photoshop Trends We Can Get Behind. [Hello Giggles]

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Airbrushed To 11

Many of our lovely readers sent us this image of Hannah Davis on the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and while we agreed that it’s… in questionable taste… we weren’t sure if it qualified as a disaster.  And then we saw a copy of it in real life.



Somebody cranked up the airbrush level to 11. The good thing for Ms. Davis is that nobody will be able to tear their eyes away from that 12″ of skin below her navel in order to notice those unnaturally smooth Barbie boobs.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.