Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

This week on PsD was brought to you by deformed models and bizarre paper doll-style graphic design.  Let’s see what else has been happening with Photoshop on the web.


  • Even bad Photoshop can’t ruin Emma Watson‘s face.  [Fishwrapper]
  • The new Captain America movie posters are pretty horrible.  [Screen Crave]
  • The Best of the Tiny Faces blog. [Smosh]



  • Nikki Minaj calls out ESPN for bad Photoshop work on her cover.  (Thanks, Richard!)  [E!]
  • AP Photographer admits Syrian war picture was Photoshopped. [BuzzFeed]
  • What’s the strangest currency you’ve ever been paid in?  [Clients From Hell]

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H&M: Bit Cheeky

When modelling a clothing line, how long does it typically take to realize you’re not wearing any clothes?

Photoshop Disasters

Back in 2011, H&M got in a bit of hot water for using computer generated bodies (but real heads!) to model their clothing lines. The clothes themselves were drawn on after, because every woman’s body is the same (they use the same model and colour it as ethnically necessary), and the clothes will always fit like a glove, provided you have a competent photoshopper and a nice cut out of a glove.

Thanks Ronald for the find. If anyone can find a link to the original, we will gladly post it.